A 7-Year-Old Boy Pedals 370 Kilometers Traveling From Sweden To Germany

Edvin Blomdahl is a little Swedish boy who likes to be on the go. Not long ago he lived one of the greatest adventures of his life: At age seven, the boy pedaled 370 kilometers separating his city, Kalmar, in Sweden, to the German capital Berlin.

The trip was planned by his parents, who are amateur athletes and pedaled all the time next to the son. In a statement to the local newspaper  Östran, they explained that they expected to take a week to go all the way planned, but the performance of the boy was so good that they arrived at the destination in only four days.

“When we booked the trip it seemed like a crazy idea. But we passed many bike paths and wonderful scenery along the way,”said his mother, Linda Blomdahl. According to her, on the first day, the family traveled 103 kilometers. The average was maintained over the next few days, with Edvin riding his own bike and his five-year-old sister on the mother’s bike.

Some parts of the trip were recorded by the kid himself on his  blog because he thought it would be fun to share his experience and let others read his stories. Edvin hopes that on the next trip her sister will also be riding beside her, since she learned to ride a bike earlier this year.

Linda guarantees that the sport is a family passion and that the child also likes a computer, even if he can not stand for a long time standing in front of the screen.