A New Ciclorrota in Sao Paulo


A new ciclorrota starts to emerge in Sao Paulo. At night this Monday, May 21, the go Bike found the streets of the neighborhood of Vila Mariana flagging solo cycling routes feature that the CET-– traffic engineering company has signaled in the city.

This new signage is part of the initiative of shared bikes to start in Sao Paulo very soon, in order to increase road safety in the regions where the users of the system will circulate. The routes are based on mapping done by the Cebrap.

By we can establish at the moment, the met initially – and who should receive the sign would be – Brooklin, Vila Oliariana.

Instant Effect

Shortly before the start of the noticed new signage, a curious fact: even I touching to give passage to a lady in an SUV, she made a point to stop the car in the middle of the street, holding the remaining for me to get in your face and turn into the next street on the left, where she realized that I wanted to go.

Thanked, I walked in, I turned on the street. And then I realized why she had done that: there was a bike painted on the pavement right there, although in the opposite direction. She certainly had seen and understood that should give preference to the rider. Sensational.

Ciclorrotas The Ciclorrotas are marked routes indicating the best paths to travel on bike, avoiding aggressive traffic and minimizing climbs. Are also important for legitimizing the presence of the bicycle on the streets and officiate your preference of movement provided for in the code. Learn more.

The new ciclorrota coincides with part of the way that I do frequently, a path that leads from the Ibirapuera until the Vila Mariana avoiding highways and minimizing the climbs. A route choice, which was used only by those who know very well the region.

Often see children and teenagers riding in the street over there, even at night. The ciclorrota will benefit more citizens than you think.

The picture that illustrates this page was taken at this point.

Saw more bikes painted on the blacktop of the region? Tell here in the comments!

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