At The End of 2010 to 2011 I Made My First Long Cicloviagem

At the end of 2010 to 2011 I made my first long cicloviagem. I traveled from the city of Cachoeira Paulista to the town of Paraty through the Serra da Bocaina.

The experience was so good that I decided to once again, in the week between Christmas and new year of 2011, make another cicloviagem.

This time, me and my boyfriend Marcello red made the trip by the Serra da Mantiqueira.

The Serra da Mantiqueira has a geological formation dated Archean era, about 3.85 billion years ago. Comprises a rock mass that has large area of Highlands, between 1000 and almost 3000 metres above sea level, along the currencies of the States of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

In the Mantiqueira range there are several protected areas and environmental protection areas. 10% da serra is circumscribed in Rio de Janeiro State lands.30% da serra is located in the State of São Paulo, and the other 60% are located in the State of Minas Gerais.

“Mantiqueira” is a tupi term that means Mountains, across the junction of maan (“rain”) and tykyra (“drop”, dripping).

The Serra da Mantiqueira has approximately 500 km in length and starts near the city of Bragança Paulista Sao Paulo and follows East outlining currencies of three Brazilian States to the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia region where enters Minas Gerais until the city of Barbacena. From there, a continuation can be considered, because it diverts North to the Serra do Brigadeiro, in Eastern Minas Gerais, near the Parque Nacional do Caparaó.

The Serra da Mantiqueira integrates the ecosystem of Atlantic forest and Araucaria forest, as well as altitude at its highest peaks. Allied to this, a large native fauna.

On this trip we were 2 people only, without support. For this trip planning was very thorough, because without support, it is necessary to be prepared to handle the unexpected.

We use the CicloMantiqueira Trails Guide, William Cavallari, to guide us through the trails and screenplay of the Mantiqueira. The guide was crucial to the success of the trip, as it is precise, extremely clear and objective. One of the tranqüilidades of the trip was to make sure we were in the correct script and that, therefore, barring some incident, we would arrive at destination cities in planned schedules.

In our script we planned to go on average 55 km daily, which enabled us to pass for 2 cities per day. The route which originally would be carried out in 8 days, we performed in 5. For those who have experience and physical conditioning is perfectly possible to make the script at least days, as was our case.

We made reservations at the Inns of the cities, where we passed the night with 15 days notice.

Along the way we feed supplements, bars, gels, shrinkwrapping and plenty of fluids.

Practically we didn’t make stops. When we did some stop to the same wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes and the longest, when arrival in any city, not exceeded the 20 minutes, which allowed us to do a light pedaling pace on average seven miles per hour, to enjoy, admire and revere the epic landscape of Mantiqueira.

We cicloviagem in a place, situated in the serra da Mantiqueira, high in the town of Marmelópolis, 2:30 away (on foot) from the Pico dos Marins. Stayed for three wonderful days.

In this place, named Pankaj, stayed in touch with rivers, waterfalls of first fall, trout farm, fruit trees, flower-beds and herbs and as highlight to highlight the-hike “up by the Massif des Marins reaching 2,200 metres above sea level.

Despite the constant rain and strong winds in these past 3 days, the Mantiqueira graced us with beautiful landscapes, scents and sounds of wild birds.

In addition to the Trails guide CicloMantiqueira, a strong and important aspect which ensured the success of the trip was the integration, harmony, friendship and respect among participants.

On day 3 of January we ended the adventure out of Pankaj toward the town of Piquete. We cycled on a track with the biggest descensão of all cicloviagem. In picket line we took the bus to the city of Guaratinguetá and from there another bus to the city of São Paulo to the Tietê bus terminal in a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes.