Bahia Hosts the 27th Edition of the Northeast Cycling Cup

Competition Will Be Held In Salvador, Between May 1st And 3rd, Bringing Together Athletes From Nine States

Bahia Hosts the 27th Edition of the Northeast Cycling Cup 1

The state of Bahia will be receiving from May 1 to 3, the 27th edition of the Northeast Cycling Cup. The city of Salvador will be the great stage of this traditional competition of the Brazilian calendar, which will be receiving delegations from nine states during the three days of disputes.

The competition is divided into three stages, being a Counter-Clock, Circuit and Resistance. The first placed of each category add up points for their delegation and at the end is defined the general champion state. In the 2014 edition, held in Piauí, Bahia won the championship for the fifth time by adding 130 points against 96 points from Sergipe and 76 points from Ceará.

“Being the current champions and hosting a home edition further increases our responsibility, but we are well prepared with a strong group and we will once again be fighting for the first place,” said Orlando Schimidt, president of the Bahian Cycling Federation.

In the Northeast Cup delegations are divided into eleven categories. Each of them receives a maximum limit of components by state: Elite (5 athletes); Junior (3 athletes); Juvenile (3 athletes); Master A1 (2 athletes); Master A2 (1 athlete); Master B1 (2 athletes); Master B2 (1 athlete); Master C1 (2 athletes); Master C2 (1 athlete); Veterans (2 athletes) and Women (3 athletes).

Bahia Hosts the 27th Edition of the Northeast Cycling Cup 2

The courses will be specific to each category. In Elite, the main category of the competition, the athletes will cycle 1 hour+3 laps in the circuit race, 6.1 kilometers in the counter and 2h30min+3 laps in the endurance test. The complete programming of all categories are available at out site.

The 27th Edition of the Northeast Cycling Cup is an organization and achievement of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) and the Brazilian Cycling Federation (FBC), sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal.

Schedule Of The Northeast Cycling Cup 2015

Bahia Hosts the 27th Edition of the Northeast Cycling Cup 3

01/05 (Friday)

10:00 am: Opening of the Event and Technical Congress

14h00: Individual Time Trial Event

02/05 (Saturday)

07h00: Proof of Resistance

03/05 (Sunday)

07h00: Circuit Proof

11:30 am: Awards