Bicycle Into A Pole, Right Guaranteed By Law In Rio

Who uses a bicycle as means of transport do you know how hard it is to find a place to park it. The parking lots don’t accept, even offering to pay. Commerce and condos offer no space to hold them, even when the law requires it (as in the city of Sao Paulo). The public bike racks are few and generally far kilometers from where you intend to go.

And on poles and other urban facilities, is counted with the luck. If the thief doesn’t take, the city eventually tries to take, so official. The lock is cut off and the bike is taken to a warehouse, where it rarely goes out – because we are never informed of what is the deposit, where it is, who to talk to and what is the procedure to get it back.

Bicycles prey on poles have already been discussed with the readers of Go A Bike.

When the city tries to take

As every day, Arlindo Pereira was bike to work one morning in September, 2011. Because there is no where to Park, arrested her, but also always did, in front of the building where he works, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. At the end of the morning, was warned that municipal guards were trying to take your bicycle.

Foxwell went down and, with calm and education, talked to the guards, who gave him a reprimand for letting the bike there, without however know offer a satisfactory alternative. Have recommended to park near the bikes, where most likely no where to attach the bike and even support you.

While talking, Arlindo recorded everything on video, discreetly, with the cell phone. Went up to Youtube and reported in the description. The news began to spread on mailing lists, blogs and social networks, being obviously met with indignation by the cyclists. The go Bike is not only took your bike because they lacked tools to cut a u-lock

Below is the video recorded by Arlindo:

Decree released posts and clamps

The imbroglio ended, about a week later, in a decree of the Mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, authorizing the use of Poles and ” ” clips to hold bicycles. And look at the date of the Decree Law 34481:22 September, the world car free day.

Congratulations to the mayor by positioning, which decided by regulation instead of prohibit. And congratulations also to the staff of the Active Transport, which is a very serious job and acts by the public authorities, helping to make the River a bicycle friendly city.

“is not easy, the road is long, and has to be changed”, said Joe Wolf, Mt, in quote on the blog, in which thanks you for having published the video Foxwell that started this process. But gradually, Dear Joe, we’re changing the world. And the step taken by this Decree is more important than it seems, for the acceptance of the bike as means of transport and to a greater respect to the your use.

See note on the website of the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro

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