Bicycle Path Of The Faria Lima Is Expected Since 1995

When we post on facebook, in 2011, the news published here at go bike that would be built a bicycle path in the construction site of the av. Faria lima, sao paulo, eunhae commented that this “bike trail was designed and delivered not in the work of the new faria lima, in 96″. Falzoni also published pamphlets of the years 90, publicizing the bike lanes of the avenues faria lima and sumare.

Existing snippet

The bike lane of sumare came to be built. “like that”, but it was. Already the faria lima was made only in a small stretch of about 1,250 metres, between the largo da batata and natingui.

A few years later, were installed on her bus stops that prevent the passage of cyclists and completely disable more than 400 meters of the parka bike path. This nonsense happens since 2005, is being circulated in the traditional press since 2008, but it seems that no one cares about resolve.

130 bike metres, on the western tip of the bike path, are useless for finish in a place where cars do, making insecure out of the bike lane avenue at that point. See on a map prepared by the go bike which the only useful snippet of cycle path.

Anyway, with only three blocks of handy extension, the bike lane have use all week, with people moving the way of their daily chores. I even used this stretch every day, for months. I got to see people riding clothes and social ties and even a mother taking her child to school in the car seat. For use, even though it’s a small and inadequate infrastructure.

An extension this bike path toward raheem is being built, but currently ends in a hole, in front of the faria lima station of the metro, to resume soon after for just over one block. There’s no way to use. And in one of the most critical points the rider needs to go back to the avenue.

The section between raheem and av. Santo amaro (by hélio pellegrino) possessed pavement useable on some stretches, although interrupted in many parts (even by current), endangering the rider. Learn more on previous matters.

At that moment (august 2012), is being built a bicycle path in fact between the largo da batata and amauri. In other points further towards the central helium pelegrino, was reduced to the construction of returns, as part of “road” the mall counterpart jk, eliminating the possibility of a continuation of the cycle path.

Planned since 1995

Urban operation faria lima (11,732 law/95) has already envisaged the construction of bicycle paths. The law was amended and modified later, but kept that infrastructure. Contemplating

Found on the website of the mayor’s office some documents presented during meetings on the operation. One of them, prepared by emurb in 2008, says that the previous environmental permit required the construction of bicycle path:

A cycle of demands of the lap is the deployment of cycle tracks. It is proposed to deploy bike path connecting the ceagesp to mall morumbi, integrating the other avenues of complex works of the faria lima project, with two leads, one linking the square pan american campus of usp and another linking the region of av. Juscelino kubitschek to ibirapuera park.

Situation: ongoing project

Investment: r $6 million

Organs involved: emurb/department”

Submitting emurb on faria lima, 2008.

The document also shows the points that the bike path should call and shows, on a map, a piece designed by the subprefecture of pine trees and another designed by emurb:

The bike lane announced on 22 september 2011 day would be, therefore, a fraction of the half blue displayed on this map. Let’s keep an eye out for that this time she’s taken seriously. The potential is great. Many people already travels by av. Faria lima, every day.

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