Bicycle Rental in SP Uses Internal Gear System

Offers bicycles with gears System simpler for beginners and less need for maintenance

Loan service and bicycle rental paulistano, usebike/nossabike, is beginning to adopt in their bikes a still little-known transmission system of Brazilians: the internal gear hub. Although common in urban bicycles abroad, the system is still difficult to be found here, for tradition sports in the design of the national bicycle.

Exchange model adopted is the Nexus, Shimano, and lies within the play known as rear hub, which corresponds to the axis of the wheel. According to the manufacturer, shared bicycles of Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Irvine, Minneapolis, Portland, Melbourne, London and New York also use this kind of transmission.

And no wonder: the internal gear system is easier to use for beginners, who tend to be confused with the traditional Exchange system, and requires less maintenance. The current, thicker and with higher voltage (the fixed), does not escape and wear less. That will also make it easier to broadcast static installation of a chain guard to keep the pants – item that still lack bike rent.

How it works

There are only three gears, which adapt well the climbs and winds due to the great variance between them. The rider only needs to worry about increasing or decreasing the March, without having to learn to conjugate the Currency Exchange front and rear. The gears don’t throw and it is possible to cross over pedaling without “relieve”. And without passage of marches that change the position and the chain tension, it’s very unlikely that she escape the ride.

Pass in a loan and bicycle rental, test the system and tell us what you think!

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