Bike Rack And Complimentary Tickets To Forum With David Byrne

On Tuesday, July 12, occurs in the Sao Paulo Forum Cities, bicycles and the future of mobility, with the presence of the musician and writer David Byrne, author of Bicycle diaries and former lead singer of the band Talking Heads.

The goal is to discuss issues of urban mobility in the big cities and the role of the bicycle in this scenario, for that will divide the table with Byrne Sandra Barrera, Transport Secretary of Sao Paulo, Eduardo Vasconcellos, urban planning expert and coordinator of the Citizen mobility Observatory Project, and Arturo Alcorta, cyclist and founder of the

School of Bike site.

Is very important and quite significant participation in this Forum of the Secretary of transportation Sandra Barrera, who is also President of the society of Sao Paulo traffic engineering (CET). Shows that the bike finally begins to have your importance as a means of transport recognized official by the city and that the current Secretary cares to understand, discuss and evolve bicimobilidade.

The event happens on the same site – Sesc Pinheiros that hosted last Saturday the Forum with Mikael Colville-Andersen, of the sites Copenhagenize and Copenhagen Cycle Chic. After Sao Paulo, the Forum will go to Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Quito, Bogota, Mexico City and Guadalajara.

July being a month and as much in the city. And still come around anymore.

Registration and amenities

Entries can be made via the website of the Sesc or personally, in customer service. Places are limited and admission is $10 (whole), with Sesc users and students pay half price, and business people $2.50.

But in partnership with Sesc, Ciclocidade (Association of urban cyclists) is offering 100 complimentary tickets for the Forum. Send an email to forumdavidbyrne@our site, with your full name, email address and RG number.

Complimentary tickets are limited to one per person, on presentation of ID CARD at the counter of the Sesc. The promotion is valid until Monday 11/07 at 6:00 pm, or until the completion of the first 100 requests. So, don’t delay! But beware: emails inform full name and passport number will be automatically disregarded.

Privileged Parking for cyclists

In addition to the amenities, Ciclocidade prepared another gift for cyclists, offering model paraciclos “inverted U” – considered one of the best and most secure, because it is possible to hold the bike frame, without the risk of damage. Take your lock!

The most common structures, which hold the bicycle wheel in a structure on the ground, are known among cyclists as “warp-wheels”, because a bump in a parked bike can have this result. The bicycle Exchange also runs risk of ruin, bringing a considerable injury to the rider. Learn more about recommended structures for parking bicycles.

Where and when

Forum Cities, bicycles and the future of mobility
July 12, 2011 at 7:00 pm
Paes Leme SESC Pinheiros, Sao Paulo-SP

Go to bike: special Ciclocidade bike rack for the event. Take your lock.

Go to subway: Sesc Pinheiros is near Faria Lima station of subway (yellow line). The season works until the

9:00 pm.

“for decades have used the bicycle as the main means of transport in New York, and realized it’s something practical and enjoyable. Enjoy the perspective offered to those who get around on a bicycle around town and also by the places I visit. Like the feeling of floating and gliding without an engine; I can stop and explore, make my own itinerary and take the path that you want to get anywhere “– David Byrne

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