Bike Racks in the Cultural Centres of the Avenida Paulista

In August of 2011, I (Aline), John L. (Active Transport) and Vitor Leal Pinheiro (the yard) left on a sunny Saturday and hot bike to test the receptivity of cultural equipment of Avenida Paulista – one of the leading and most famous avenues of São Paulo

The idea was to act like tourists who don’t know where has bike racks and structure to address the Security (and/or guardians) to know how we would be instructed to park. Look how we were welcomed:

1-INSTITUTO CERVANTES – AV. Paulista 2439,

The Institute is right in front of the cyclist’s Square, a place with an outdoor bike rack, our starting point. The receptionist very helpful, said there was no place to leave the skinny, but pledged to “keep an eye on her during our stay. Let us Park in front of the Institute, but the location was safe and did not have any apparatus to lock the bike.

Note: 1 (from 0 to 5)

Trained personnel to receive cyclist and complete lack of structure. Sometimes it’s not necessary to have a proper bike rack, just knowing report (in this case, there was a bike rack in the square, a few meters from there) helps and.

2-NATIONAL ASSEMBLY – AV. Paulista, 2073

Asked where we could park the bike, the fallen Security National Assembly reported on the “usebike” inside the building. We have been given the direction and allowed the entry with the bike on the inside of the building.

4 Note (0 to 5)

Left to get the maximum score by inappropriate structure that forces us to hold the wheel and may cause damage to it or to the Exchange, and that sometimes does not support some kinds of wheel. See how should a suitable bike.


Didn’t have to ask anybody. The sign at the entrance to recepcionava us in the best possible way: stating the existence of the bike rack and your hours of operation. To our total satisfaction paraciclo model was perfect. Allowed arrest the bike frame and wheel, in addition to being positioned in a prime location.

5 Note (0 to 5)

Serves as an example to all. Ideal model and visual communication efficiently.


Place of strong tourist concentration of brazilian art and architecture by Lina Bo Bardi. We feel completely excluded. The receptionist was rude and told us “no” with all the letters. “There’s no place to park your bike”. “Stop there, if you want, but we are not responsible for anything.”

Note 0 (0 to 5)

Does not have a place to park the bike is a problem (especially because we have a Municipal law that forces you to have it), do not receive guidelines to indicate a location next to doing so is a strong aggravating. The disregard with cyclists, note the MASP is zero.


Currently the FILE, electronic language International Festival. To see us coming up with our bikes, the security body look sharp right from your reply. “No,” before you even finish the sentence. “There’s no place to park. Try this car parking next door “. We don’t like, but we decided to try anyway: “no, Ma’am, that parking lot is only for cars.”

This year we’re not going to see the FILE.

Note 0 (0 to 5)

The same case at the MASP. Who knows, pro FILE of 2012, don’t think of the audience you want to visit the festival cyclist!


Cinema cult. The friendly receptionist (the Teatro Gazeta) gives us the bad news the lack of bike rack, but remember to have a car with a kiosk of “usebike” over there on the side. In front of the parking lot, no card informs the existence of bike rack. We found only a “no moto”. We went down to check and there was there a safe and decent place to park for.

Note 3 (from 0 to 5)

Despite not having a proper place, gave us the correct information. The lack of signs at the entrance and the inappropriate model of bike rack (which holds the wheels) were negatives.


The security of the Institute informs us of the existence of a bike rack next to itself. We caught up with the news but was not as good as it could. The site was partially adapted to include the rider. Is there a step at the entrance and something like an air conditioning duct right below where you can bang your head easily.
Finally the bike rack model is unsafe due to lack of structure to hold the bike frame. In addition, the models “butcher shop” are difficult to use by requiring the rider lift the bike.

Note 3 (from 0 to 5)

Gave us the correct information about the location of the bike rack and the solution to improve the place is easy. A simple reform and putting up signs informing of the bike rack would already of Itau Cultural a local friend of the.

The removal of the plaque informing about the be a bike rack insentando your responsibility and courtesy on the bike would be polite. Since you have a bike rack is law (Municipal law 14,266/07) and the code of consumer protection says that the responsibility for the vehicle is.

8-House of ROSES

One of the nicest places of the city, has a restaurant amid the trees and also a sponsored bike rack installed in noble. We don’t have to ask and not come down anywhere, there he was, blue and ready to serve us …

4 Note (0 to 5)

Lost her top marks for inappropriate model chosen, those that hold the wheel. But earns our respect and admiration by the fact to exist and not be placed in the gutter.


Send suggestions for the agenda. We will try to produce audiovisual material whenever possible. Who knows how the enterprises begin to understand how to treat well the cyclist and please him, especially because we are as citizens and consumers as everyone!

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