Brazilian Universities Are Betting On Shared Bike Inside The Campus

Some Brazilian universities have come to invest in shared bikes to facilitate and optimize offsets within the Campus. The unb in Brasilia/DF, the USP in Sao Paulo/SP and, more recently, the UNIT in Aracaju/SE.

Students and employees of these institutions have at your disposal a new way to explore, live and interact with the University by bicycle, fundamental tool to open new doors of social coexistence, human and intellectual development.

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This news is warm and hot out of the oven. It was released on 24 April the Project Bike Unit of shared bicycles, in Aracaju, Sergipe in Farolândia Campus. In that first 100 bicycles were made available, scattered in 10

Bicycle racks.

Work is a academic society partnership with the NGO Urban Cycle, which is assisting in the implementation of the system. In Paris, people register, receive bikes and moving to any part of the city, Rector of the UNIT, professor Jouberto de Mendonça Uchoa, in article published on the website of the institution. “Saw that and went back to Aracaju excited, wanting to do the same thing. We first experience and, if we get hit, we will invest more in this area.”



The Pedalusp, despite being in operation for 1 year, it is still a novelty to the students and Faculty of the University of Sao Paulo.

The project began operating in final earlier this year inside the Campus, connecting the campus to the Butanta Metro. The current fleet of 16 bicycles, distributed in two seasons. The forecast is that the system be expanded during year 2012.

“In your second deployment phase, the Pedalusp has already tripled the total of registered users and has been showing a modal of efficient transportation with increasingly” supporters, according to the website of the system.


With a little more time to live, the Free Bike Project happens at the University of Brasilia since 2009 (see the matter Go to Bike), with a subtle difference, but rather emblematic of too much: to use the skinny no need registration, payment, or document or asking permission. Just find a hopscotch, sit in the saddle and out pedaling. The only commitment is return it

The initiative is part of an extension project started in 2007, with the participation of students from different courses. The latest information that we obtained that 18 bikes are available in three points the University.

Bicycles are donated, refurbished, earn a yellow paint and lead a nameplate. All the work is done by student volunteers, who work for the internal mobility of University.


Supplement to the Transport System

Initiatives such as these and all the other – executed in – universities can and should be regarded as a clipping of the city. Shared bicycles are trend in several countries of the world, mainly in Europe, and should be here soon to Sao Paulo.

The experience among college students is a thermometer of the large-scale service, connecting neighborhoods, subway stations, shops, other universities and, especially, connecting people with nature in their cities. A unique chance to think and study further ways to improve the Transport system according to the different realities of each place, using the innovative potential and daring of young academics as clean energy engine for large (and expected) social revolutions.

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