B’twin School: Pads V-Brake Change

Today we bring you an entry dedicated to the maintenance of our bike. With small gestures can make adjusting our bicycle cheap and fun do not think?Follow with us and you will find out. Today we try to change brake pads in a V-Brake brake.

This task catalogaremos it easy, just need a set of Allen wrenches and a screwdriver, or a multi-key as it could be our Multitool 100. Go with the steps to follow for a correct change of pads.

Step 1: Free bridge. This is the simplest of all. Simply tighten with one hand the two movable parts of the brake to remove the tension in the cord, and remove the elbow of the V-Brake. It is exactly the same operation to release the brake when we want to remove the wheel.

Step 2: Remove the lugs. Using the hex wrench, we side access your screw. We loosened this small nut and have removed caliper.

Care!! The shoe contains a series of washers, care to remove it, can fall to the ground.

Step 3: Place new pads. Insert the new pads, press the bridge against the rim so that the shoe is aligned correctly. In this way we will avoid the shoe rubbing against the tire. During the passage of the Assembly, we will observe that there are two pairs of washers, a concave pair and another convex.These washers will help us in the correct placement of the shoe, but its correct placement is vital. The semi-spherical parts have to be in contact with each other. As advice, I recommend that you fijéis well of the order before placing them.

Step 4: Adjust the cable tension. Old pads were worn, and quite possibly we have adjusted the tensioner’s lever to go by adjusting the cable tension to continually have the same touch, what we will do now is the opposite operation, slightly loosen the cable so that the lever is not as hard.

Finally I leave you with a few tips that it has reminded us of one of our followers. At the time of placing the shoe, it has to be perfectly aligned with the circumference of the rim, i.e. that it is not bent and rubbing on the tire. Thus we maximize the contact surface and guarantee a braking optima. Another point to keep in mind is that the entire surface of the shoe tap braking track, since many times put pads and touch only the front or rear part of the same.If we leave them at this point, we have them installed incorrectly. A good way to align the lugs is, with the bridge released, push it with your hand until the shoe makes contact with the braking track. Here we can align perfectly, squeeze a little and then finish tightening. Once we have our pads placed and aligned, it is possible that we have to modify the brake cable tension and balance the bridge through the screws at the base of the bridge. If we tighten that screw, brake bridge will move towards the side on which is located the screw, if we loosened it, moves in the opposite direction, playing with these screws we balance the bridge. Many thanks to Ramón Rodríguez for the reminder.

Well with these simple step already we have changed our V-Brakes brake levers. As advice, you can indicate that you do a photo to the old pads before placing new, this way we can look in the order of the washers, if we have any dismissal.

If you have any questions about this procedure you can contact us through the comments of the blog. I say goodbye until the next entry, see you pedaling!!