B’TWIN School: Power Shift

We continue with our small school maintenance, so you can save some euros in the maintenance of our bike. Today, we bring you to the ciberpáginas of our blog the change of power.

It is one of the elements before changing on a bicycle, since many times, its length or inclination are not desired, so often opted to mount an adjustable power, although the procedure is exactly the same for a conventional power. This operation is easy, the only thing that we need a little more specific tools, since in addition to our 300 multitool, we also need a torque wrench to respect the couple of tighten and do not damage neither the power nor the steerer tube; We started!!

Step 1: Remove handlebar. The first thing we must do is to remove the handlebar. There are several clamping handle, 4 screws, 3 screws and 2 screws. As simple as using a multitool or hex key that requires our screws and remove them. Retired once the screws leave hanging the handlebar of the cales, but with the necessary care not stressing them too much, and if you have hydraulic disc brakes, not to pinch the brake hose.

Step 2: Remove the old power. With our multitool or hex wrench we loosened the two screws on the side. It is not necessary to remove these screws to complete, just loosen them. Then loosen the lid of the power. This is the screw placed vertically. To remove this screw we must be careful of fork drop us. Because of this, the power of change operation or recommend that you do it on the ground, and not suspended in a foal’s workshop, longer than if the fork move, we should also adjust the direction of a more methodical way.

Step 3: Adjust the tilt. This step can also be done retrospectively, but requires to change the handlebar position. In our case, we will mount the power adjustable oversize B’TWIN, you loosen the side bolt that is within the teeth, and also which is located in the lower part of the power. Regulated once the desired angle tighten with our wrench to the required torque.

Step 4: Placement of the power. The placement of the power follows the same procedure, but conversely, so we will begin introducing our power and place the cover and cover screw. We will place our multitool or our hex key, but without the final tightening. The same will do with the side screws, place them with the hex wrench, and as that with the power top, do not give the final tightening.

Step 5: Placement of the handlebar. Put the handlebar in position, and tighten the screws by hand. After cross way apply tighten with the hex wrench, but as before, without being their final tightening. This press call approach.

Step 6: Final tightening. With our wrench tighten the screws holding the handle. Then adjust the screw from top of address. This screw does not have a tighten loose, nor an overtightening, handles adjust our direction, and this must have a touch soft and fluid, but without gaps. Finally is the pair of final tighten the two lateral screws.

In this simple way is a change of power. If you want to change is a conventional power, the procedure is exactly the same, just us skip step 3.

With this it is all, I say goodbye until the next entry. Remember if you have doubts you can make your queries via comments. See you pedaling!!