B’twin Test: Hoptown 500 24v

Do you know our Hoptown 500 E model? This week, we have given a ride through the streets of A Coruña to give you our impression about our little power.

Folding bicycle with pedal assistance is our flagship to gain a foothold in the increasingly competitive world of bikes with pedal assistance. In terms of its “electrical” properties could be noted that it is equipped with a brushless motor of 250W (maximum allowed by law for bikes with pedal assistance) as well as a battery of 24V and 8 AH allowing us to ride in three different modes, ECO, NORMAL and SPORT. These modes are selected from a simple and intuitive control panel.

The first thing that we can observe in the Hoptown is that you it’s a folding electric bike with a frame of aluminum and a battery integrated in the box, which gives it a very clean line. The battery can be recharged directly inside the box or extracting it to load it into a more comfortable place.

What you liked most certainly is his weight. The 18.6 kg make very manageable bike to any user, even live on the second floor without lift would not be a problem for this Hoptown. The picture has a kind of handle on top to raise it comfortably.

The first time will make the bike does not know what is going to happen. The first thing you do is turn it on with the mode “eco” is not going to be that you go through the air. We give the first pedalling and noticed as it starts to help the electric assistance. The truth is that it is a joy, simply giving pedalling the bike is kept at a constant speed without too much effort. Crossing the feeling you’re going very fast, electric assistance is cut to 25 km/h but it is one speed more than sufficient for urban walks.

And rising, what? It works or does not work electric assistance? This was my big question. To solve it and draw my own conclusions, what I have done is go to a well pronounced ramps close to home (about 250 meters around 20%). He is not noticed as push bike, but if you feel that climbing is much easier.You do it at a constant speed between 8 and 10 km/h depending on the mode you choose. Remember do not stop giving pedals.

I also liked how well that reacts when you press the brake. The first thing that happens is that the motor is switched off. Moreover, thanks to their brakes aluminum brake V-brake is very powerful and progressive, and why I’ve tested them on any more than-15% slope ramp.

According to the manufacturer, bike has a range of 25km in its “eco” mode, 20 km in “normal” mode and 15 km in mode “sport”, although these data depend on many factors, as in the consumption of cars, one thing is homologated consumption (which is carried out in ideal conditions) and another is consumption in real use. Because the same thing happens with the autonomy of the electric bicycles. These factors which influence the autonomy are the weight of the cyclist, pressure of inflation, terrain, wind, etc. The truth is that I’ve used it a couple of hours and during this time have been changing mode in which carried the engine, so it is very difficult to tell his exact autonomy.

One very positive point is that if one gets to finish the battery it is very easy to drive it to your final destination to be very light. Elderly, has a few developments more than enough so you get home is an Odyssey. The bike has 6-speed rear and a front plate of 52 teeth. Something very important for this type of bike is their maintenance, have wheels with adequate pressure and well-oiled chain can give us a few kilometers more than autonomy as I have mentioned earlier.

Without a doubt this is the perfect bike for someone who wants to scroll through city and tours paved without any great effort, although I can say that it does not exempt from exercise, with her.

If you are interested in this bike, you can find all the information on this link: Hoptown 500 24V