CET Ask Priority To Cyclists On The Streets Of Sao Paulo

Sergio reader sent us Laws by Facebook the photo above, that shows a range of traffic Engineering (CET) on ciclorrota of Moema (r. Tinamou, the bikelane permanent). The band asked the drivers to give priority to those who are by bicycle.

May not seem like much, but it’s not. Represents a change of attitude of the CET, by charging the driver the respect for the cyclist, legitimizes the bike on and clarifies that is her priority. Despite being in a ciclorrota, is a good start.

The action seems aligned with one of the three commitments by Sandra Barrera in a meeting with the cicloliga, on March 29, at the headquarters of SMT/CET (check here). The others are fines to drivers who put cyclists at risk and a consultation on how to make art. 201 (of 5) capable of monitoring.

Similar messages need to be spread over other parts of the city, clarifying that the bicycle is a vehicle and also has the right to circulate in, “with preferred over the” vehicles (art. 58 of the Traffic Code). And, then, there needs to be oversight and punishment for those who put the rider at risk – something that the CET has already announced.

Fabricio Souza reader

Reports that there are a range of these also in Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue, next to the Carandiru subway station, among other places. And you, have you found some by your way?

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