Ciclocidade Party And Formalization Of Associates

Ciclocidade – of urban cyclists Association of Sao Paulo – was founded in November 2009. Since then, dozens of people helped her took its first steps. In little more than a year, worked to structure it and make it an active and representative entity.

Now, Ciclocidade enters a new phase, becoming open to anyone who wants to join and contribute to the improvement of urban mobility for cyclists.


To celebrate this new moment of the Association, on Saturday 27/08 there will be an event to present the operating structure of Ciclocidade, discuss mobility and fraternize.

At 4:00 pm an unmissable debate with journalist and writer Denis Russian, Sustainable, John’s L, the Active Transport and Thiago Benicchio, Ciclocidade.

Programming will also have a special birthday edition of the Collaborative Workshop handy, which completes a year in the month of August, plus some artistic and cultural attractions, such as knitting workshop cicloplacas “share the road” with stencil and vinyl, the Trio Canasta (jazz, groove and brazilian instrumental) and audiovisual presentation of Anarchy of fantasy + Half Lab. More details on the flyer!

Party will be held in Room Counterpoint (Medeiros de Albuquerque, 55-Vila Madalena).

What is the importance of Ciclocidade?

Ciclocidade you want to represent and defend the interests of urban cyclists from the city of Sao Paulo, working with the Government, the press and institutions. In this way, we gain a entity that officially fighting for our rights, amplifying the power of cyclists and groups that already act in favour of bicycles in scattered actions.

But as you know what I need?

This is one of the reasons why the Ciclocidade account with your participation. The line of activity of the Association is defined by who participates in it. Everyone can have an opinion, give ideas, acting voluntarily. You can contribute in many ways and one of the most important is the active participation.

Strength and representativeness of membership depend on directly the participation of urban cyclists in the city. That strength comes from the people who build, your cultural and ideological diversity, your thoughts and your actions.

And what can I do so?

Go at the party this Saturday, if only to take a look. Participate, learn, have fun. You will have the chance to better understand what is being proposed and what the idea of such personnel. If you find that the entity deserves your incentive, sign up bonus and you will still find a lot of people who also uses the bike in town and want a better city for all.

Don’t be silent. Understand what is being done and find out how to help.

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