Cicloquestionamentos To Candidates For City Halls

In the article to which we disclose the initial proposals of the candidates for mayor of sao paulo for the bikes, the reader who identifies himself as “dmmg” made a comment so pertinent that we decided to publish it prominently and in full. The reader refers to sao paulo, but your questions can be adapted to any brazilian city. See what he says and do your comments.

All with artificial speech and your pasteurized on the bike. We will build more bike lanes, bike racks, we will promote the bike, more security to the rider, we will follow the european model. These are generic and promises that have already been made n times in recent decades. I think it will be a breakthrough ped.

Go more concrete proposals, such as:

-bike path projects not implemented by the city, which do you think is more urgent and aims to build first?

-aims to follow the model of paris, from brussels (or another european city cited qq)? These cities have many policies to encourage the use of bicycles, what specifically you mean? (the answer will default to the bike rental, but what other?)

-do you think the possible ban on the movement of bicycles in some way, as in av. Paulista?

-there are shopping malls, banks, supermarkets and other places of interest (including government agencies) that have protected car parking but do not have bike rack and still hinder access of cyclists to their facilities. What you intend to do about this.

-what’s your opinion on the implementation of the model “bike-box” at intersections?

Are just examples, but would be questions that would require that the candidate studied at least over the issue of cycling infrastructure (a summary made by some aide), and maybe who is elected. In addition to a specific promise is easier to collect (although in this country, promise not worth almost nothing).

The only one who mentioned something concrete was soninha (bike-box), but too bad i have many reservations about it. (i don’t want to prolong this because it would be too off-topic writing the reasons here)

And, finally, as peter mentioned before, there’s no point in asking about any anti-carro policy positioning (motorized individual transport) as it is as pointless as asking whether the candidate believes in god. No candidate, during the campaign, be positioned so controversy about this subject.

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