Ciclorrota Encouraged Reader To Leave The Car At Home

Signaling pathways in neighborhood in Brooklyn make safer streets and encourages cycling

Some people still insist that the Ciclorrota of Brooklyn, in Sao Paulo, serves no purpose. Generally this view reflects ignorance about what really is the Ciclorrota or total disdain about the right to circulate with the bike safe.

If you still have doubts about the usefulness of Ciclorrota, read the statement below, sent by the reader Marcio Mollica.

Congratulations to CET for the project… And thank you to take the Bike for disclosing this information.

Some time ago was considering “abandoning” my car, and the news of the ciclorrota was the encouragement he needed. I live in Moema, work in the Mall Morumbi, and much of this route is covered by the ciclorrota, who thinks that she takes “anything anywhere”. Take slightly less than half an hour on the same path it took, and the conditions for cycling are good…. Just saw problem on the streets faster, as the Bacaetava, where the drivers are still not respecting the new speed limit.

The go Bike explains and reiterates the congratulations to the traffic engineering company of Sao Paulo for the courage to go against common sense that the street is made just for the cars and deploy measures to increase the safety of cyclists on the streets.

Fits stress that changes as the Ciclorrota, the decrease in speed and Pedestrian protection program does not protect only pedestrians and cyclists (which in itself would justify them), but also the drivers and motorcyclists, which by the cables in lower speed and more closely engage less in accidents. A more humane city, facing the people, is a better place to live – even for those who prefer to continue driving.

Ciclorrota infrastructure represents a small improvement? Relative to the size of Sao Paulo and the change we want to see, maybe. But there’s your start and I’d rather see Ciclorrota as a clear sign of change. We continue moving forward in search of a better city for everyone. Whenever the CET hit the step, we will be supporting.

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