Clarifying The Right To Circulate A Bike On The Streets

The director general of ciclocidade, thiago benicchio, was interviewed by jovem pan online to talk about the use of the bicycle in the streets. The result was very good. Great jovem pan’s initiative to invite to discuss the situation of bikes in town someone who really understands the subject.

Watch the interview below, in three parts, with the commentaries of the bike go about each of them. One can see that the initial goal was to show the hazards of riding on the street, but over the course of the interview, with your customary demonstrates benicchio tranquility, which use the bike is not a suicide attempt, but a right, and what more do we need to make this use safer is.

The static image of the videos below is the same, but don’t worry: when you click, appears the correct block.

First part

In the first block, although the repercussion in the media of the death of antonio bertolucci (the video is from 2011) and what it takes to improve the conditions for the movement of cyclists in cities. Then, a comparison with the city of portland and the video of the ride with the mayor there, who had been held there was little time in downtown sao paulo.

Interesting to note that

Watching the video, the interviewer if amazed with the ease of riding on the streets. Came to believe that, for the mayor’s circulation abroad, ways would be closed or that there would be some special scheme, when in fact what you saw was only a group of cyclists going places together. The vision she had was very different from the idea of danger thought to represent the reality of bicyclists.

Second part

This second block starts with a video narrated by bruno vicari (that is no place for street bikes). Shows the case of cyclist vicari new yorker who made a video telling who was fined for not wearing the lanes and showing why don’t use.

The narration underscores that “you always have to walk the bike path”. But when she is there, bruno. If not, the bike has a right to share the road with other vehicles, as I have explained several times. For some, the law and the right of movement still seem pretty hard to be accepted.

Thiago comments so with property on the infrastructure of new york, comparing it with that of sao paulo. Then gives important recommendations about the use of the bicycle in the streets, reinforcing that the bike is a vehicle, with the right to use the road. At the end of the block, comments on the bikelane.

Third part

This last block got a very interesting format, with questions from people on the streets being answered by the managing director of ciclocidade. Worth seeing the answers given for benicchio, demonstrating knowledge full and mature subject.