Curitiba City Hall Responds on Bike Rack

You know that bicycle parking at Curitiba it sounds funny? That, being used only for cars, because you can’t hold your bike?

Crankset after several requests from citizens, the city responded to one of them, Simone Days:

Who wrote that answer really believes that just put a “foot” on the bike to get to park it there. Bicycle remains a completely alien to the Curitiba City Hall (and for many others more).

But let’s look at the bright side: they are considering the installation of paraciclos in that space and, at some point, become usable. Installed the correct way, will be a pioneer in Brazil and bike rack example of innovation to the other cities of the country.

And congratulations to the school of music and fine arts of Paraná for soliciting a bicycle parking area to the city.

What to do the best solution would be to use a paraciclo model inverted U or R, not to damage the wheel or bicycle Exchange parked and make sure you don’t fall.

Is also important to protect the area with concrete blocks (the popular “Bahian brick”), to avoid that someone drop the paraciclos and bicycles parked to maneuver a car.

This information may help.

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