Cycle-Shimano Discussions On Mobility By Bicycle

In addition to Bike Week events in Sao Paulo, we have during the whole month of July a series of Cycle-debates, with the aim of promoting reflection on topics related to cycling and encourage your use in large cities.

Debates are promoted by Shimano, traditional manufacturer of bicycle parts, and take place in the House of roses, on AV. Paulista, every Tuesday weeks this month. The duration is 1:30, with the presence of two guests with relevant experiences in the subject, as well as a mediator of Shimano.

Debates are open to the public and with free entry. Just attend the dates and scheduled times and in time your application.


The panelists are familiar names in the Middle, with a lot of baggage and practical experience to share:

Willian Cross (by Bike) Soninha Francine (ex-vereadora and ex-subprefeita from the city of Sao Paulo) Aline Chan (Pedalinas, Ciclocidade) Claudia Franco (Ciclofemini) Rodrigo Burgarelli (Washington Post reporter) Leandro Valverdes (journalist and cicloativista) Sergio Affonso (CAB) William Cavallari (Kalapalo)


House of roses
Avenida Paulista, 37, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo-SP
opening: 7:00 pm – Start – End: 9:00 pm 7:30 pm:
room Capacity: 50

People Go to bike
the House of roses offers a free-to-use bike rack with 14 slots. If it is crowded, there is a bike rack in the Top Center (AV. Paulista, 854 – entry by Eugênio de Lima) and another on the subway station Paradise.


5/7 (Tuesday) – Women and the bike

Invited/Keynote speakers: Claudia Franco (Ciclofemini – women pedaling for self-esteem) and Aline Chan (member of the Pedalinas group and the Ciclocidade – of urban cyclists Association of Sao Paulo)

13/7 (Wed)-the press and the bike

Guests/speakers: Rodrigo Burgarelli (reporter – the State of Sao Paulo) and Leandro Valverdes (journalist and cicloativista).

19/7 (Tuesday)-urban mobility

Guests/speakers: Soninha Francine (ex-vereadora and ex-subprefeita from the city of Sao Paulo) and William Cross (Blog by Bike)

26/7 (Tuesday) – Cycling

Guests/speakers: Sergio Affonso (Chair, CAB-Club of friends of the Bike) and Guilherme Cavallari (Director of the Kalapalo Publisher and author/editor of 15 books about sports in contact with nature with an emphasis on mountain biking and cycling.)
At the end of the debate there will be a bike ride through the city.

See the official invitation in the Shimano website

See you there!

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