Debates, Walk And Shop At SESC Pompeii (SP)

Although the Government continue without performing surveys and statistics on the growth of cycling, the number of cyclists on the streets of Sao Paulo has increased. More and more people opt for the bike to escape the unacceptable congestion, resulting from a management model that always prioritized the use of the automobile.

This growth, impossible to ignore, raises ever more questions about the use of the bicycle in urban space, one of the steps toward more sustainable cities.

While Sao Paulo walks to congestion getting worse, the bike follows in opposite way, solving individual problems and acting as a factor of reduction of congestion, pollution, accidents and contributing to a more humane, sustainable city, happy and healthy with a better utilization of public space and a larger (and positive) interaction between the people on the streets.

Seeking a greater discussion on the topic, the Sesc Pompeii promotes, 6 to 10 June 2012, a special programming entitled “the bicycle on the wrong side of town”, with chats, a garage and a bike ride by Ciclorrota

Da Lapa.


Chats and workshops count with the participation of the editor Go to Bike, William Cross (Wednesday 6), and the contributor Aline Chan (Thursday 7), besides other names of respect as Thiago Benicchio (Ciclocidade), Ismael Caetano (Vital Stop Institute), Arturo Alcorta (Bike School site) and Daniel Guth (project coordinator – EMS Bike schools/CET/IPV).

Check the schedule in the schedule Go to Bike and participate! All activities are free and free to all audiences. Some need of 1:00 ticket before the event, so reserve and get there early!

Go to bike! Sesc Pompeii has paraciclos in your – internal area laaa in the background, among with skinny! Take your lock.

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