Do It Yourself Your Raincoat Poncho Type

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How do I do?

The reader Marco cicloativista “of the old Laban” the city of Bauru, in the interior of Sao Paulo, sent us this simple tip to build your cover type “poncho”, to ride on rainy days.

May not be as elaborate as industrialized, but given ponchos to find here in Brazil a good cover in this style (and it’s not heavy or too stuffy), becomes an alternative to be considered.

What you’ll need

A meter of thickness 0.10 mm, plastic that has the width of 1 m. If the plastic is thicker, the cover will be heavier and “lasts”. Adhesive for PVC pipe.

these ingredients should come out to less than $10.

you can find colorful plastic (recommend yellow, which increases visibility), although he only found clear or.

How to make

to start, the plastic must be with 1 m x 1, 40 m. Then, follow the instructions in the figures below, using the adhesive for PCV to paste. The cut in the Middle, in step 1, you must obtain two sheets of 0, 70 m x 1.00 m.

If you have difficulty, leave your question in the comments of the page that he spends here to answer. In addition to the instructions in the diagram below, he prepared a step-by-step with photos.

do you have any good tip of do it yourself, that is useful for other cyclists? Send it to us with pictures and explanation of how to do, which we will post here.

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