Erlandsson and Darvell Won in Södra Sandby

The twelfth and penultimate round in Merida-Northwave CX-cup was decided in Södra Sandby outside Lund. It became the superior gains of Åsa Erlandsson, Magnus Darvell and Hans Martens.

It was in the Grand superclass of much drama and excitement when His Marten, Cykloteket took a very superior victory. Behind him was a points chase that ended with Jan J in second place, and a strong spurtande Robert Österling managed to pinch third place just ahead of the finish line and could thereby minimizing the points loss in the abstract. In and with it made Jan J take over the leader’s Jersey as Österling had since the first race in Falun.

In the women’s Prestige class seemed to surface and the path be made for Åsa Erlandsson. She biked and ran from all resistance. In case she was 3:37 minutes ahead of runner-up and cup leader Karin Aune, Örebro cyclists. Third came Anna P from Åstorp CK.

I men’s Prestige was cup leader Emil Lindgren early in the race see how Magnus Darvell completely disrespectful pulled from. He built up a distance that only increased, and in the middle of the race, the victory was as good as done. Behind him had a hard time with Jens Lindgren Westergren and Fredrik Edin. Wade pumped in, that he wont be able to do.With a few laps remaining, he was past the Lad. Fredrik Edin, in contrast, had to give up for the final and finished fourth behind Lagat.

-I had a nice floating today, explained Victor Darvell their effort in goal had become a time distance of 40 seconds. U23-rider Jesper Dahl power ended up in a no-man’s land, but made an excellent race and finished fifth.

Results Merida-Nortwave CX-Cup – FK Trampen, Södra Sandby

Class Ladies Prestige: 40 min.

Plc Name Compound Time Diff

1 ERLANDSSON Åsa Varbergs MTB 44:32

2 AUNE, Karin Örebro riders 48:09 3:37 pm

3 P Anna Åstorp CK 50:24 5:52

4 CURRENT Lisa Falu CK 53:56 9:24

5 B Carina Åstorp CK Interstitial

Class Masters Prestige: 60 min.

Plc Name Compound Time Diff

1 DARVELL Magnus Team PARTIES-Pedalogerna 1:01:38

2 WADE Jens Falu CK Team Nishiki 1:02:18 0:40

3 LAD Emil Alingsås SC/Rabobank-Gia 1:02:48 1:10

4 EDIN Fredrik Cykloteket Racing Team 1:03:07 1:29

5 DAHLSTRÖM Jesper Motala AIF CK 1:08:13 6:35

Class Gentlemen Superclass. Distance: 40 min

Plc Name Compound Time Diff

1 MARTEN Hans Cykloteket Racing Team 38:33

2 J Jan Borlänge CK 40:17 1:44

3 ÖSTERLING Robert Falu CK 40:23 1:50

4 S Anders Borås 40:26 1:53 pm

5 TORSTENSSON Ola Örebro cyclists 41:44 3:11

6 CARLSSON Mikael Eksjö CK 41:52 3:19

7 L Stefan Åstorp CK 42:39 4:06

8 LINDE Emil Gävle about 43:10 4:37 pm

9 WANNERSKOG Axel Mölndals CK

10 FABIAN Björn Mölndals CK 44:11 5:38