Exhibition Of Old Bicycles Meets Admirers In The Passeio Pedra Branca

Relics Can Be Found Among The 30 Pieces Of Collector Hélio Becker, Until August 31.

A relic of 1910, of the Philips brand, is one of the most important pieces of the exhibition of old bicycles, open to the public in Passeio Pedra Branca, in Palhoça. Unique opportunity for those who are passionate and curious about this vehicle that has already been used as a means of transport, ride, work and even as a military instrument in Europe.

Thirty pieces by collector Hélio Becker, 54, are on display at Coberta do Passeio Square.Owner of a centuries-old collection of bicycles with original pieces and manufactured in different countries, such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil, Becker is moved by the affection he receives from those who give the exhibition. “There are many families, many bike fans and people who use it as a way of life. With the exhibition, I intend to encourage the use of the bicycle and raise awareness for the benefits of pedaling”, says the exhibitor who rode alone on a bicycle, for the first time at age 12, in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, a city where he grew up and became accustomed to Example of family and friends, to use the bicycle to go to school and to walk.

His collection began about 20 years ago, when Becker began to reform an old bicycle, after that, did not stop. Today he has more than 100 bicycles, most of which he has already restored in a workshop set up in his home in São José. The relics on wheels carry a bit of history, the Bianki, originally made in Italy, were brought there by immigrants, In the 1930s, and remain in use to this day.

To ensure that everyone has the right attention, the collector pedals with each on alternate days.”Most of the pieces of the collection I get in junkyard, workshops and with cyclists who want to get rid of bicycles. Restoration and those who already know my collection usually look for me whenever they know of some novelty, some piece, that is interesting for the collection,”says Becker.

The collector usually literally strolls through his exhibit. Before Palhoça, Becker already had the historical bikes in Campinas (SP), Curitiba and Balneário Camboriú. Besides Philips 1910, there are other brands that stand out in the exhibition, such as Bianki, Caloi, Centrum, Mercswiss, Monareta, Monark, Oxford, Peugeot and Wanderer. The exhibition will be a tour of the imported and domestic with date of manufacture from 1910 until years of 1970. Admission is free.