For The First Time In Brazil, Andy Singer Works Were Exhibited In The Mube In Sao Paulo

Who visited the mube – Brazilian Museum of sculpture – this weekend (3 and 6/4/12) had the opportunity to see several inspiring images surrounding the bicycle theme in its various aspects. Among the papers presented, “at the EXIT of the American cartoonist”, Andy Singer, and ” SP in transit ” carioca photographer Felipe Pepe.

Singer started drawing to 2 years of age and their works are today very well known and appreciated by activists around the world. With most of the works in black and white, he can express it brilliantly your indignation and protest with (I) urban mobility of large cities, global warming, environmental degradation and use of urban space.

“One of his great interests in life is the transport and automobile alternatives. Andy Singer and your wife doesn’t have car and try to get in all locations with bicycles, walking or using public transport. In your free time, Andy is also a volunteer co-Chair of Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition, trying to make your town (Saint Paul, Minnesota) friendlier to the bike,” said the banner.

Were exposed to the public 38 works, 2 books, 3 publications and a video biography of Singer and almost 100 digital images. According to the advice of mube, more than 800 people attended the exhibition that took part in the planning of Sustainable Turnaround and, unfortunately, is no longer available for visitors. See more photos of the show.

Companies and institutions with an interest in exposing the drawings of Andy Singer should contact the team of Bike Forever (contato@our site). According to Martin Montingelli, Director of the company and responsible for the exposure to Brazil, we can wait for good news this year when Andy still wants to visit Sao Paulo, launch your book and promote events and lectures. We’re waiting!

Other exhibitions in addition to Singer, the mube prepared two great exhibitions focusing on bicycle and urban mobility. At the entrance of the Museum, visitors were greeted with photos of Gonzallo Cuellar taken street art of artist Marcelo Siqueira.

Have the photographer Philip Pepe Guimaraes presented the “project SP” photographic analysis transit registered during 3 years that shows the human interaction with the means of transport and the city.

“Created from personal observation of the photographer and the feelings arising from their daily experiences as pedestrian, driver, cyclist or passenger”, said the presentation of Pepe began pedaling in SP to 18 years when, instead of a car, won a bike: “Entered into adulthood by learning how to participate in the traffic of the most direct way and exposed as possible, riding”.

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