Ghost Bike in Belo Horizonte This Tuesday

Still shaken by the tragic death of another cyclist in Belo Horizonte, city groups will come together to install this Tuesday, July 26, a white bike on your site’s death.

Known as Ghost Bike, the tribute will be made in memory of Rubens Vieira, cyclist killed on the last day 17, where your life was taken by a driver who showed signs of inebriation. The driver is responding process in freedom and continues driving around as if you don’t offer risk to anyone else.

From the beginning of this year until July 14, 170 were injured cyclists in the city. That has to change. Must change from the Transport and transit company of Belo Horizonte (bhtrans) that besides the rider as part of traffic need to educate motorists that roads have to be shared, as the Brazilian Transit Code in your article 58. If citizens do not mobilize, things will continue as they are.

The Ghost Bikes are a way to prevent that death becomes only a cold statistic, something that simply happens and will continue happening. Serves to alert drivers that your recklessness or rush can cost a life, who circulates on a bike also has family, friends and lovers.

In Sao Paulo have already been installed five ghost bikes, being the last one to Antonio Bertolucci. Rubens Vieira isn’t the first cyclist killed on the streets of mines and this tribute will be also to all the companions of two wheels that have been victims of “accidents”.

The bike used in tribute to Rubens’s own will.

Where and when

The installation will happen on Expressway (height of the 5,000 number), where Rubens died.

Points against

Freedom square, concentration at 7:30 pm, departure at 8:00 pm.
The ruts (Urban Walk Tuesday) will take cyclists roadmap there.
Script of about 11 km see the route on a map.

In front of the chapel at Pampulha, 8:00 pm, information with P (31 3441-4161) or with the chicken

Overpass next to the Via Shopping Barreiro, at 8:00 pm, with the MTB group


How to help

Attend the tribute will be of great help. We need to show that cyclists of Belo Horizonte are United and claim your right to circulate safely around town.

But if you can, report using a white t-shirt and light candles, flowers and/or posters to be left along the Ghost Bike. By the time the Act has the support of the Mountain Bike, the Chicken and Union Ciclistica, who were ahead of this week’s events.

The go Bike supports this demonstration for life, respect for and for the right to safe movement on bicycles in Belo Horizonte, commiserating with the honor of cyclists miners to one of our brothers of pedal. We’re all one.

Participate! As a citizen, you have the right (perhaps even the obligation) to claim a better town. A more human traffic depends also on you.

Promote this initiative

The best way to avoid “accidents” is aware people about respect for life. Chat with friends, coworkers, family members. Responsibility for safer traffic belongs to all of us.

Discussion on the Forum of the MTB-BH
Public event on Facebook

If you participate in the demonstration and have a smartphone, send pictures and messages during the tribute, so cyclists from the rest of the country. Spread the messages and pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #naofoiacidente. We will be following.


Geraldo Belvino: (31) 8590-2135
Icarus Brito: (31) 8441-6595
Lakshminarayanan (chicken) 31:() 8817-1472

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