Go to Bike Will Participate in the Forum with Colville-Andersen

The go Bike will have the honor to participate in this Saturday’s Forum Week of Cyclist – trends, promoted by the collective Libvee, in partnership with SESC Pinheiros. Below is the detailed scheduling of the event.

See you there!

Forum Week of Cyclist-


Day 9 July (Saturday), at 2:00 pm

SESC Pinheiros Auditorium
Paes Leme Street, 195-11
3095-9400 Pine

Presences Mikael Colville-Andersen, author of Copenhagenize sites and Copenhagen Cycle Chic Eduardo Jorge, Municipal Secretary of Environment and green Willian cross, cicloativista and author of the site Go to Bike Gilberto Natalini, Alderman of the municipality of Sao Paulo John Claudino Junior, President of the Houston


Programming Bikes


Official opening and start of table

-10′ – Libvee

Collective Official Opening

Presentation of participants

-Speaks 1 : Gilberto Natalini – proponent of Day of the rider, representing the legislature. (′ 10)

-Talk 2: Eduardo Jorge – Representing the Executive Branch (10 ′)

-Talk 3: John Claudino Jr. – Patron of the week (10 ′)

-Talk 4: Willian – Cross Representing civil society (10 ′)

-Talk 5 (presentation only): Mikael (10 ′)


Debate with questions from participants (45’) – questions and answers


Lecture-magna: Mikael Colville-Andersen (45’)

Questions and answers (15’)


Closing Show Forum-Band Tarantulas and Tarantinos

Confirm your presence!

Free entry, but it is necessary to confirm by e-mail forum@our site. Run, there are few vacancies!

Go tobike!

SESC has parking, bike rack that will be expanded on the day of the event to better serve visitors. Take your lock!

Warning: the yellow line of the Metro, next to the site, does not work on Saturdays!

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