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By Aline Chan and Willian Cross

Evaluate the potential of a city “bike friendly” is, no doubt, by the amount and quality of bike paths, lanes, shared pathways, bicycle parking, public transport, road signage and the whole culture of self-esteem that attracts more cyclists. But the inverse is also true, and not least: demand generates infrastructure.

An article published by the American scientific community, pointed to a new indicator to know how cycling is a city: the number of women who ride on the streets. According to the survey, the girls are less accustomed to risk less than men, so the more women riding, more humane and friendly ” ” cyclists are the cities. Countries that understand the importance in investing and stimulate the safety of cyclists already do their urban planning considering how women see the urban daily bike usage.

“The more women riding, more men will follow” – David Byrne

In Brazil, in addition to the various actions that disseminate the culture of biking, there are groups and collectives that seek to stimulate specifically women to rethink its relationship with the city and use the bike in a secure manner. They are a great opportunity to promote meetings, conversations, share experiences, reflect more girls and especially cycling.

Have you noticed that the number of women cyclists has increased considerably.

In addition to the current visibility of the bicycle, that fact has occurred thanks to the inspiring work of some great women that give example and desmistificam several taboos in relation to ” bike ” fragility and dual female.

Between these figures is certainly no journalist Eunhae, that pedal since 1974 when he traded the car for the bike. Renata is a very important person for the bicycle and inspiration of life to men and women from all over the country.

Stimulate more women attain autonomy, freedom, security and independence in the face of a sexist and hostile traffic is quite a challenge.

To that, the city of Sao Paulo account, since 2009, with the Female Collective of cyclists – the Pedalinas – they promote basic mechanical workshops, teach pedaling, make cycle trips, among other activities.

Another traditional group in SP is the alight at night recently completed 20 years of life. The Group was created and organized by another unique figure in the struggle of the bike in this town, the inspiring Teresa D ‘Aprile. If you are pedaling, promoting weekly still pedals, as the day of women

In the State, knew of the group get off Bike, with women in love with mountain bike trails that are in the region of

Porto Alegre/RS

In Porto Alegre the Perception arose just over 1 year in February 2011, in a very specific context: two days before mass hit that hit dozens of people during the critical mass of

In Porto Alegre.

“Many of us were present at that sad episode. Even so, at the meeting of March 10 girls showed up with their fears and insecurity, but made a quiet pedaling. Distract your head in the middle of it all, “said Aline Barrios, a member of the group.

Driven by experience of Pedalinas in Sao Paulo, the Cyclicals were born with the aim to promote cycling and help girls safely on the pedal. “We gathered to exchange experiences and information about our dear bici and on the everyday life of a port that is not so cheerful. We support each other and have fun much pedaling.”


In the Northeast, heat the ‘Girls in the wind’ face the slopes of Salvador on two wheels without motor and with a lot of style. The group is contemporary of cyclic born also in February 2011, and adds to your speech the ‘cycle chic’ as a way of bringing the bike people.

“we adopted the style for believing that pedaling with their regular clothes, day to day, is a factor to encourage the use of the bike as transportation,” says Ana Elisa, a member of the group.

At first, the girls in the wind had only 3 members, so, according to reports, Ana Elisa “was necessary the presence of some boys invited who helped a lot during the trip. Nowadays, there are already many girls who can go help other and intervened in traffic to ensure the safety of the beginners during the pedal “.

Little more than a year has passed and the reality of Salvador has changed a lot. “I note that a lot of women that began in the wind are already autonomous Girls with their bicis by city and also multiply your autonomy doing bike other Angel. Many girls, when starters, report how important is seeing another woman pedaling safely on the streets so that they get the fear and start pedaling”

The Group also promotes workshops and themed meetings.


Despite the fame of “capital greener and sustainable” Brazil, Curitiba has a strong movement of struggle and legitimation of the use of the bicycle in the streets. The critical mass of there is one of the largest in the country and, despite the high number of bicycle users, the city faces controversial situations unfortunately about the rights and duties of the cyclist, as, recently, the use of the


In November 2011 was formed the Group Leave, that had your name chosen by public voting on the internet. Although promoting discussions on the feminine universe, the Skirt of Bike is a group that aggregates all genres: men and women ride quietly on pace take the city streets. “We discussed issues that only women, like pedaling pregnant, for example. The rhythm is more lightweight, soft, but nothing prevents all participate “, one of the founders of the group, Anaterra, to come and go from Bike.

Belo Horizonte/MG

The hills of BH not scare girls high heel Pedal. The Group was formed in 2010 and, as the name refers, also adds the values of the cycle chic among the participants.

“We are a group of women that encourages the use of the bicycle in its various modes: transport, leisure and sport. Each one in your style, all are welcome “, says the presentation on the website of the girls. They meet every two months in freedom square, in the Center-South Region, Officials of BH


A new fresh one is the birth of Pedalinas Potiguar Indians, a group of female pedal located in northeastern Brazil. They met for the first time in April of that year and biked in a mixed group (men and women) through the streets of Christmas…

According to the reports of the site, the Pedalinas Potiguar Indians came up with the proposal to also encourage the girls to ride. “The Group aims to unite women who already ride in various cilistas groups in town to, together, show that we also have space in cycling and deserve due respect and attention in traffic.”


Straight from the far north of Brazil received the great news of the existence of Amazons, a project conducted in partnership with the Group Pedal Manaus, to promote the meeting of girls who choose the bicycle as a lifestyle. “Our goal is to demystify the figure of the woman cyclist and increase the number of women who ride. Here we are ordinary women, including athletes, who love, love, love cycling,” says the description on the Facebook page.


The Renata Florentino reader let us know here in the comments about the Lipstick Bikers, which carries out regular cycling on Saturday morning. According to the Mail Brasiliense, ” routes are formed by city tours, trips and trails with more than 170 km to be covered “, but for cyclists of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced, including a visually impaired member.


The reader Tammy told us about the beautiful Bike group, which meets once a month in the city to conduct group tours. According to the daily news, is by Facebook that they mark the dates, define the paths and encourage other women to ride. “We set the schedule in advance, so people can plan”.


The city of steps also has your girl group, with regular cycling. Is the Pedal of the girls, uniform and organized tours. The information is from reader Tereza Sawaya.

Balneario Camboriu/SC

Every last Wednesday of the month takes place on the edge of the city They ride on the Pedal. Organized by SABC (Cycling Association of Balneario Camboriu and Camboriu), was designed by women and for women, but men also participate and

Are always welcome.


The capital of Goiás also has your foot female group: is the Skirt on the Pedal, which in addition to the cycling still carry out social actions. Emerson de Lima reader tip.


Post dedicated to all women who ride in Brazilian cities, especially to – who died exercising your legitimate right, to come and go.

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