Hiking in the Auvergne (Wall Er Magazine, Issue: 180)

In this post, the hiking magazine invites us to once again on a trip in the forest, mountain, volcano – and cultural landscapes of the Auvergne. Whether, on foot, in the water, by bicycle or on horseback, the Auvergne in France offers a variety of outdoor and leisure activities for solitary outdoor sportsmen as well as the whole family.

Volcanic landscapes of the Auvergne

A paradise for hikers, the spectacular volcanic landscapes, countless well marked hiking trails in the quiet countryside, and last but not least the excellent gastronomy make this region of the Massif Central. This beautiful and still partially untouched nature can be but to roam in a versatile way.

Wild streams and ravines are ideal for exciting water walks in the Auvergne, unless the canyoning, rafting or in a kayak. Who’s, like less moist and tangy can get for cozy and also sporting tours on the bike.

And for all those whose highest Glück of the Earth on the back of a horse is, the Auvergne is a rider country par excellence.

Hiking without end in Auvergne

With more than a dozen qualified remote hiking trails, ranging from the GR 30 around the volcanoes and Lakes on the famous Stevenson way, GR 70, and several routes of the Pilgrim’s ways, GR 65 GR 300, can run or hikers, what give the soles.

An even less known Pilgrim’s route crosses the département of Cantal on 170 km. From the basalt organs in Blesle leads via Arverna by impressive volcanic landscapes to Laroquebrou the Cère Valley. Addition, there are countless circular hiking routes and local routes, to country and people, landscapes and sights to meet.

The cool water of the Auvergne

The Auvergne is the water reservoir of France. Before they flow into larger rivers, Rivulets and streams between forests fall down here the mountains. In the world of volcanoes, great basalt columns and deep basin formed by the water the canyoning make particularly attractive. Supervised by trained local guides these sporty, varied water walks are also safe. Equipped with neoprene suits and helmets of the fun can begin. It is migrated in the stream bed, slipped on wet rocks, roped down in waterfalls and jumped into the cool pool.

In the Department of Haute-Loire, as well as in the Department of Puy-de-Dôme, spectacular gorges are dug between steep rocks. The streams in the area, such as the Rouchou at Saint-Privat-d’Allier, make ideal areas for canyoning. Different courses allow children from 12 at this sparkling pleasure to participate.

The Allier incidentally, among the largest yet unspoilt rivers in France. In the upper course, the rapids are a challenge for a rafting game, while the calmer climes further north are suitable for those kayak and canoe tours. Between Prades and Villeneuve d’ Allier find sufficient providers for rafting-tours and canoe rental. It need to be immersed, to experience the spectacular Allier gorges below only the paddle in the water.

If the wheels roll, cycling in the Auvergne

In the Massif Central, the most cyclists first think sporty mountain bike tours. Rightly so, there is plenty of choice because with about 4000 km marked off-road cycling routes on volcano slopes, in dense forests and along streams and lakes to roll over hill and Dale. But it is also more leisurely in the Auvergne. The cycle tracks “voies vertes” are just right for smaller excursions by bicycle, to roam the idyllic landscapes. Total are eight routes blocked to motor traffic. They range from the 30 km-long tour on the Loire lateral Canal along from DOMPIERRE-sur-BESBRE, where the idiosyncratic system of the “Grange aux Dîmes” (the Central scouring) to see is up to a short stretch of less than 7 km on a former railway line between Montluçon and Néris-les-Bains. Cyclists will find charming itineraries for longer tours with three marked “cycle” on low-traffic roads.

Includes the demanding “bicycle route de la Grande Traversée you Volcan” by the mountain landscapes of the Cantal Department. Bicycle tours are quite comfortable uphill when a small electric motor helps the kicking. E-bikes are on the rise and can now be hired at various points.

Auvergne, the rider country of par excellence

The expanse of plateaus in the Auvergne can be every rider’s heart beat. Where there are still extensive natural spaces for a long Gallop and carefree riding in free landscape? That Auvergne is a riders paradise, confirms again the German speaking Daniel Boudon guests his equestrian estate Domaine de Viaye in St. Paulien.

20 years of experienced instructors and breeder carries out group on multi-day horse-riding treks across the plateau you Velay, the Gorges of the Allier, or the regional nature park of Livradois-Forez. Comfortable rooms available at the stables. Who wants to sit so not equal to five hours a day in the saddle, has here the possibility of shorter star rides to participate in, or to prepare for a week of riding on the trail riding. Daniel Boudon is not the only one who has found the ideal environment for horse breeding and riding operation in Auvergne. Also in his numerous colleagues passionate riders are in good hands, to enjoy the freedom on the backs of horses.

Climbing in the Auvergne

Since time immemorial, steep rock faces entice people to move in the vertical. The huge rock formations formed 400 million years ago by volcanic activity “Rocher Saint Vincent” in Lavoine considered one of the best climbing spots in the Department of Allier. The appropriate vertical way for beginners and advanced climbers can be found with some 200 established climbing routes. Experienced instructors are available.

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Auvergne, recommendations of the Wandermaganzins

The following stage accommodation suitable to stay for hikers like outdoor sporting events! There is not only a comfortable Überbnachtsmöglichkeit, but also culinary delights of regional cuisine.

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Bed and breakfast and apartments in Queyrières
The accommodations are maintained by a German operator and are all within easy reach to mountain-bike routes and hiking trails.

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Horse riding holidays in Auvergne

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