How to Choose Cycling Shoes

Among the problems that cyclists encounter ” choose your shoes  ” is probably the most complicated because often poorly explained.

How to Choose Cycling Shoes 1

What we hear most when asked cyclists:

-“I was told that I had to take a size more»

-“Sidi small size it requires a size of more»

-“I chose this brand because they like me”

-“To the color”

In fact, since 1995 I see cyclists and a large majority has not been able to buy his shoes and sellers in bicycle shops have failed to sell the shoes.

In this case the sellers may be simply sold what they had.

To choose a shoe to be taken into account several parameters:

-What practical?

-Which way?

-How much power?

-Which pathologies?

What “practice”?

We will consider each cyclist practice has different goals:

-The cycling or cyclocampeur will move to speed “reduced” because its aim is “tourism” that speed; therefore efforts on the pedals will be “low” but more cyclists will want to walk in his frequent stops.

cyclosportif -the suits him, search performance but must still add other parameters as the distance or duration of the tests (Paris Brest Paris)

-The rider will brief but intense tests or performance will be important

-CLM will be the opposite of the cycling since the duration is important and therefore the point of wandering and stop to admire the scenery.

What will differentiate this practice it will be the force with which the foot will press the pedals and duration.

100km to 30km / h average for a 70 kg rider on a flat road will require that each foot rests with (cumulative sum of forces) 75 tons on each pedal … .this is not trivial about 100 km what about a 15000 km of season.

You’ll understand after practice we need to choose a suitable footwear and a suitable pedal.

The shoe is the interface between the rider and the bike is the shoe that will pass all the power from where interest to choose well.

The parameters for selection will be:

-Shape and dimensions following the foot

-The insole according to your foot

-The often forgotten camber

-Sole following practice

-Fixation following practice and wedges

-Footwear for comfort

-Thermoformable shoes?

Shape and dimensions to the feet:

How to Choose Cycling Shoes 2

The shape of the footwear will be guided by that of your foot.
All shoe brands have made choices of forms and it must be said few know explain why.
As in the world of cycling are many but few know why (apart from wanting to earn money easily).
We must therefore start by measuring his foot in length and width.

If your foot measuring 250mm long and 70mm your meta (read first phalanx) it will provide 2 to 3 mm leather at the heel 3 mm of play at the end of the shoe + 3 mm for leather. The shoe you will agree externally measured (measured 15 mm above the sole) 250+ 8 to 9mm at most be 258 mm.

Under these conditions your foot must be perfectly positioned in the shoe (with bike sock) and if you put a tennis sock your foot should be almost tight.

In fact the foot should be maintained but not tight because when strong support on the pedals foot will “crash some” so it needs a little space for it otherwise it would cause a slight compression and hurt venous return.

That means he must try the shoes, preferably in the evening when the feet are the most “tired”.

The other thing to check is the kick of the footwear so that it is suitable and that the clamping members can do their function.

Sometimes this form of kick can be a problem with too high or too low pedaling straps which interferes at the kick.

It is the same for the heel should encompass the ankle but do not press on the Achilles tendon.

This is comfort ..

The other thing to check is important for comfort and power transmission: these are the insoles.

We must check your shoe soles that should or should measure the length of your feet.

This information is important few.

Often the economy made by different brands is at the inner soles.

InternetAges proposes quality insoles in cycling shoes.

I remember even have been eligible for adjustment of footwear for comfort that other brands do not offer more.

Vittoria globally 2 wheel had proposed and we wanted to test, but for 3 years, after selecting the product and given the information we are still without news.

It is the same for Spiuk.

The insole should be directly related to the foot of the cyclist, to limit the contact pressure to be perfect.

Why not make a thermoformed sole?

Yes indeed the thermoformed insole is a solution if there is no need to correct the supports.

Otherwise you have to make a splint.

Once the shoe found check that the blocks can be resolved.

When you set the engagement blocks under your shoes should be noted:

-Total length of the shoe

-Position of the first holds of mounting hole

To verify that the adjustment wedges will still be possible.

We arrived to interface to the cyclist to properly adjust its hold despite particularly short phalanges.

This “interface” allows to shift the position of mounting holes to the front or to the rear.

It is suitable for shoe model chosen at the foot of the cyclist.

Another point not to be overlooked: the arch of the shoe heel or virtual

Each shoe has a different curvature between 10 and 35 mm (in general).

Your saddle height will depend on the camber and your pedaling muscles work following the camber.

If you select a shoe with a different camber of your old shoes must be correct saddle height accordingly. Not having thought there I know cyclists who had tendinitis and did not understand.

Depending on the force with which the cyclist will push the pedals will thus require a more or less rigid sole (some brands have valued this rigidity).

The strength and the greater will be the sole rigid.

For cycling we can have rather mole soles while for the competition will be very stiff soles.
Thus we find the soles of thermoplastic, thermoplastic and reinforced carbon.

Different soles: the leather sole from 1972 to 2014 carbon sole.

A few tips :

How to Choose Cycling Shoes 3

-If you are in a make and model shoe do not change

-Always try shoes

-Measure the inner sole that should be barely longer than the foot if you do not have a caliper [well on the information given on the boxes can bring up a label with size information by CM ….

This information is not very reliable and most soles are made for two sizes; the footwear being glued and suitable for a single size with varying degrees of success.

-Check the position of anchor points for the holds.

-Check the heel which should not rub on the Achilles tendon.

-Check the value of the virtual heel and fix your saddle height accordingly.

-Do not trust the markings on the soles tampographiés since positioning tolerances are sometimes fanciful.

-If you buy shoes thermoformable aware that advice before it are to respect the thermoforming allowing only earn few mm at the ..cela footwear is not a custom shoe … but … a suitable shoe for the foot footwear.


-Specialized in some shoes tend to want to separate the part of the knee by choix..à use only if necessary (no restrictions should be placed on the joints).

-Mavic at the shape of the heel tends to push the foot forward footwear which reduces cyclists to buy too much shoe to feel good (statistics for several years). However the holds must be taken “normally”.

For a 258 foot long and 93 wide (in 2014) with an average kick I looked different shoes possible.

1972 leather shoe adjusted to 40 foot

Length 256 width 90

The walk between always, thank you soft leather and elastic laces.

Note the opening kick which measures nearly 100mm

Adidas shoes 40 2/3

length 256 width 94

No worries even if it’s just for the foot.

Carnac Lemond adjusted 41 foot by Carnac

Length 258 width 95

Adidas Same

Since 1972 the foot of the cyclist has “grown up” of 3 mm.

For the choice of shoes should be tried in the evening, when the foot is “tired” and “great”, with the bike socks thin and thick.

There should be no gene, the heel should be well maintained, the front flap must be positioned and do not interfere (to test flex the foot upward to test the tongue and down to test the heel).

Try to remove the shoe without loosening the straps, nothing should move.

Seen with the different lengths of the tested shoes:

-It would take that foot 258 long and 93 wide (measured at the end of the day) a shoe 258 + 8 mm or 266 mm long and 94 wide … with a front square shoe to walk rather Egyptian …

That give information on the shoes boxes.

SIDI : Sidi Genius 5 EUR42 US8.25

Shimano : R215 E EU 40.5 US7 CM25.5

: SH-R107 EU41 US7.6 25.8 CM

: SH-R107 EU 42 US8.3 26.5 Cm

: SH-R087 EU 41 US7.6 25.8 CM

Fizik R3 Eu 8.1 41.5 US / UK 4 7.3 / 4

The indication CM is interesting but lacks width. For form ahead just look at the shoe.

We conducted a study on the R215 Shimano ( Study Shimano and Newsletter Shimano ) or we gave all feet disclosures according to size and width of the shoe indicating also the lengths of meta following setting 3 points.

We proposed to Shimano to mark it on the boxes but our wishes were not exhaussés …

It was the same with Vittoria had proposed to make the footwear of the request (after trying two sizes) but these were empty words because for several years we still await our order …

So you can see it is difficult to buy a pair of cycling shoes and yet he would go through the podiatrist box to scan the support and whether a brace is necessary

In many cases it will replace the sole with an optimized model for cycling; as our podocycle soles and try the shoes with the soles.


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