How To Choose The Size Of Your Motorcycle Helmet Or Scooter Without Trying It?

You want to buy a motorcycle helmet on our site, but you do not know your size motorcycle helmet and you are wondering how to choose a size without trying it.

As with a pair of shoes, a motorcycle helmet can trim differently from one biker to another. It is possible that you make a size S in a brand and that in another brand of motorcycle helmet you make a size M. No panic, our site tells you on each card produced if a model of helmet has a grid of sizes Particular.

Some brands offer helmets with several cap sizes. What is a helmet cap? The outer shell of a helmet is called the shell. It provides the first level of protection for your motorcycle helmet.

The inner cap of a motorcycle helmet, also called the cap, is located inside, and ensures your comfort, your protection as well as the maintenance of your head.

The more a helmet motorcycle has size of caps (4 at the most), the more it will be adapted to your head and will be less voluminous.

Every biker is unique, so the smallest detail is important. If, for example, you wear glasses, some brands develop cheek mousses with cut-outs, specially designed for glasses.

Also bear in mind that a motorcycle helmet is “made” over time. So, with the purchase of your helmet motorcycle, the cheek mousses being new, these will keep you firmly the face. But once your motorcycle helmet has been worn several times, your internal foams will settle down, perfectly fit your body shape and thus offer you the best possible comfort.

Armed with this additional information, you are ready to follow our advice in order to choose your motorcycle helmet without trying it on our site

Choosing the size of

your motorcycle helmet without trying it For purchasing your motorcycle helmet , a few measures are necessary. Each head is unique and each use is different. The choice of the right helmet is therefore difficult. Do not hesitate to explain to advisors use you make of your bike or your scooter .
Start by measuring your head circumference using a tape measure, which will allow you to determine the size of cap on your helmet . Measure by passing well above your ears, these entering your helmet motorcycle!
Then, refer to the sizing guide

Are you hesitating between 2 helmet sizes?Your head turn is 58.5 cm for example? Take the lower waist as the cheek mosses of your motorcycle helmet sink with time.

If you wear glasses,you should know that jet and modular helmets are the most suitable . Some integral onesare also, with specific cutouts in their cheek mousses. Prefer the glasses branches.
Putting your glasses as removing them must be done without difficulty.

If you hesitate between several types of helmetsknow that the integral helmet , as the name indicates , is themost protective. Finally, the use you make of your two-wheeler will also determine the type of helmet to adopt. Refer to the motorcycle helmet descriptions on our “How to choose your motorcycle helmet” page to optimize your choice of helmet.

> Adult helmet sizes

> Sizes kids helmets

You have just received your motorcycle helmet. Try it now:

When you trymotorcycle helmet , do the chin strap closed and tight.

Move, turn your head, your helmet must follow the movement without ever floating or falling into your shoulders.It should not move on your head.

Keep it on your head for a few minutes. If no pain appears, if you do not have a red mark on the forehead by removing it, if you do not feel any discomfort, you have chosen the right size of helmet and the right model.Otherwise, the slightest discomfort or pain is synonymous with bad size, or bad model, because not all motorcycle helmets go on all heads.

Are your cheek mousses too tight?It is a new helmet, so it is quite normal, the cheek mousses will settle over time to adapt perfectly to your morphology.
Despite all the precautions taken, your motorcycle helmet, after having tried it at home, does not suit you for different reasons? will exchange or refund your motorcycle helmet with ease.

Go to our Help page to read the terms of exchange and return on

Is there a question? Do not hesitate to contact us, our team of customer service advisors will advise you in the purchase of your motorcycle helmet.

Wearing the helmet is mandatory Your motorcycle

helmet is your only protection in case of shock. Do not neglect this indispensable safety element, as the regulations in force:

Article R431-1
Amended by Decree No. 2006-46 of 13 January 2006 – Art. 4 JORF 15 January 2006
In the case of a motorcycle, motor tricycle, motor quadricycle or moped, every driver or passenger of a motorcycle must be wearing an approved helmet. This helmet must be attached.
Any driver or passenger who contravenes the provisions of this section shall be liable to the fine provided for contraventions of the fourth class.
In accordance with Article L. 431-1 the two-wheeled motor vehicle, the driver of which travels without being wearing a helmet of approved type or without this helmet being attached, may be immobilized in accordance with the conditions laid down in Articles L. 325-1 to L. 325-3.
When this contravention is committed by the driver, it gives rise automatically to the reduction of three points of the driving license.
The provisions of this Article shall not apply to drivers or passengers wearing seat belts when the vehicle has been approved with this device.

Approval of helmets

The approval of helmets tends to improve the protection of pilots by requiring manufacturers to carry out a battery of tests on the various elements that make up the helmet in order to verify their robustness.

There are different approvals according to the type of helmets and the labels attesting the homologation are obligatorily glued on the helmet that you buy. Be careful because wearing an unapproved helmet can cost you, in addition to a fine of 135 € and the withdrawal of 3 points on your license, you can also see your motorcycle insurance coverage dropped, as explained in the Comparator of insurance the lynx, in this article