It Feels Awful And Desolate Cannot Find The Bike Where It Left Off

It feels awful and desolate cannot find the bike where it left off. The situation gets even worse, with a mixture of anger and impotence when your skinny is torn from you by a thief.

One way or another the person gets angry, and for some time trying to understand what happened, feeling unable, frustrated by not being able to accept what happened.

As I Ciclofemini Bike School, I teach every day in public places. I’m exposed daily carrying several bikes. I had a bike stolen in parque Villa Lobos, a stolen bike in the Ibirapuera Park and next to two students, we passed an attempted theft at USP. With this experience I became aware that the robbers are in greater numbers to the police and security guards. Just like any other professional who invests in career, studying, investing in the development of its functions, the thieves also study, specialize and create new forms of theft each day. They are lurking waiting for the least sign of distraction. Know that in a public place you are not alone and to the minimum slip the thief will attack, so stay tuned and hinder the action of the Bandit can assure a little more tranquillity and less inconvenience.

Stop pedaling ever! The solution is to smarten up and hinder the action of the thieves.

The Civil Guard Municipal (cities) and Metropolitan Civil Guard (large capitals of Brazil), which has expertise in public places such as parks and college campuses such as USP-University of São Paulo, for example, has the main function to protect the goods, services and facilities, but not for this you should no longer trigger them, to talk with the guards for important information.

Inspector Frank between Marcello red Claudia Franco

It was exactly what we did. We talked to the Commander Ricardo Franco de Melo which is the Inspector of the unit of the GCM, which acts in the Ibirapuera Park. He gave us precious information on how to protect the bike and prevent the theft or robbery of the same.

Inspector Frank recommends that users of the parks, especially those who have a higher frequency, to pay attention to everything, situations or people, who flee the daily pattern of the Park. In case of suspicion to communicate immediately with a member of the GCM or with the unit. Need your own GCM will contact the PM requesting performance/immediate presence.

The tips of the Inspector Franco’s main objective is to hinder the action of the thieves. They are:

  1. Be very vigilant in public places, because they are the preferred by thieves.
  2. Padlocks and chains can make the theft, but there is no guarantee. Thieves use potent and specific pliers to cut steel cables of the highest caliber. Preferably the massive locks that will be cut with these type of pliers. The famous “U-Lock” are ideal. Use more than one padlock locking parts of the bike.
  3. To park your bike to a place as visible as possible, like in front of the door of a shop, the thief will have the sense of being seen.
  4. Look for riding in groups whenever possible, especially at night.
  5. Remove the saddle of your bike. For both use special tabs that facilitate the withdrawal.
  6. Remove the front wheel and take it with you or lock it with the rear wheel.
  7. If your bike has V-break, release the brakes.
  8. Let the chain on gears lighter, the thief will not be able to give the ripped needed to escape. The ideal is to unhook the chain, let the outside of the Crown.
  9. Use the helmet to lock the bike. When possible, stopping near bars or fences, keep the helmet on the opposite side of the fence so that when you try to go out with the bike helmet will serve as locks.
  10. If your bike is known brand and targeted by thieves one option is to cover the brand name with adhesive tapes to call attention as little as possible.
  11. Never turn your back on your bike. When you’re in a group form a semi circle or wheel and let the bike at the center of the group.
  12. Never leave your bike without protection. Even if it’s to buy some ice cream. Be with your bike next to you and preferably within reach of your hand.
  13. The thieves don’t respect children. Let the little boy taking care of your bike while you go get a drink of water or go to the bathroom it certainly may have stolen bike in addition to placing the child at risk.
  14. When buying the bike lot a dossier with copy of invoice and photos. Remember to take a picture of the bike serial numberETA. This number has the same function of the number of the chassis of a car. In the case of the bicycle this number is engraved on the bottom of the frame just below the bottom bracket. This information will be useful to make the bicycle, to sell insurance and prove origin and in the event of the theft to registration and future identification of the bike.
  15. Not part of the sale of stolen bikes. When buying a used bike requires a copy of the invoice, proof of origin. Be wary of very low prices when offered by the shops.