Lance Armstrong Coming to Brazil and Pedalara Streets

Attention: this event has been canceled. Learn more here…

Lance Armstrong coming to Sao Paulo in October of that year. The cyclist has won more victories in the Tour de France will give a lecture of 2 hours on 29 October day, a Saturday, with an exhibition of photos and videos of your career.

The next day, a Sunday, loops through the southern and Western areas of Sao Paulo pedaling on a tour with more than 400 people (would be on Bikelane?). And boot it anymore: where man goes, attracts crowds. When he was in Dublin, Ireland, and featured on Twitter to do a walk in the Park Phoenix, more than 1000 people showed up (photos). This is flash mob!

Lance Armstrong ended your international career in January this year, to 39 years, after the last stage of the Tour Down Under, in Australia. Was the third time that announced your retirement, but it looks like this time it’s for real.

As soon as we have more details, we will post here.

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Via Lived Mascaro. Tip Roberta Altermann.

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