Lindgren and Erlandsson WINS in Jönköping

The ninth round in Merida Northwave CX-cup 2010 was held on Saturday in the City Park in Jönköping. It was someone, plus grade and the ground was covered in freshly fallen snow. In other words real cyclo-cross-relationships.

I men’s Prestige made the cup leader Emil Lindgren from the Rabobank-Giant short shrift. The course suited him perfectly and Emil could take another partial victory and eke out the cup leadership. Behind him were fighting today’s surprise Håkan Löfström, IK Jarl Rättvik and Jens Wade a trial by combat, in which Wade on the final lap, managed to get away and take second place. Magnus Darvell, Team Parties came to start despite the suites from the crash she had at the SM in Kumla and took fourth place.

-I had no power in my legs today, said Magnus after the race.

In Ladies Prestige had the winner from last cupomgången in Söderköping, Sweden, Åsa Erlandsson found great shape. Saturday’s racetrack thrived Åsa. Despite a hazardous fall with a failed shoe as a result, she ran away from all the courtship. Runner-up was Angelica edvardsson, Cykloteket and third came cup leader Karin Aune, Örebro cyclists.

In the superclass, invited an impressive field of 48 starters in a lovely sight. Cup leader Robert Österling, Falu CK was determined from the start and wanted to obviously not risk anything. He took the lead immediately and then he released it. His Marten, Cykloteket hung around for a long time, but with one lap left la Robert into another gear and the thing was done. In third place came the more and more convincing Adam Steen, Falu CK.