Loose ends about access undermine Pinheiros River bike path users

Since March 29, the regulars from the bike path on the banks of the Pinheiros River enjoy more 2, 4 km of paved trail, open from 6:00 to 6:15 pm by CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos).  But the new – stretch that connects University City stations and Villa-Lobos/Jaguare – is still without input/output access to users.

To know where are the current and future access of the Pinheiros River Bike Trail.

With this additional section, the Pinheiros River total 21.2 km long, with five hits: on AV. Miguel Yunes and Jurubatuba stations, Santo Amaro, Vila Olimpia, and University City. In addition to paving and track signaling, was deployed over an anchor point for cyclists, at the time of Villa-Lobos/station Jaguare. Now it’s six points, with bathroom, water cooler and care along the way: AV. Miguel Yunes, Santo Amaro, Vila Olimpia, Garden City, University City and Villa-Lobos/Jaguare.

Highway Contribution

This last step – bike path which totals 4.8 km long between Hebrew stations-Reboucas and Villa Lobos/Jaguare – is the responsibility of the construction company wtorre, who took over part of the work as one of the perks of a complex road of enterprises on AV. Juscelino Kubitschek. Beyond the runway, the company will build a walkway connecting the access to people’s Park, next to the bridge

Garden City.

Second wtorre, this contrast is referring to the complex of enterprises in Vila Olimpia, which includes the building of Daslu, a mall and 3 more office towers. The footbridge access to people’s Park would have the maximum term of completion along with the delivery of the entire complex, at the end of 2013, “and can happen before”.

Go team of Bike was in contact with the wtorre’s advice, by phone and email, during the last 3 weeks, for more details about the delivery of the accesses. Even with all this waiting, some information had not been passed, such as the current status of each work and how damaged the bike path can be on of the legal barriers of the enterprise, which can only be opened when the works are done.

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In January this year, the company had reported to Go to Bike to the catwalk of the people’s Park was in the project development stage. The last update that now the projects are in process of being approved by the City Council of SP.

Already CPTM reported that the ramp in Morumbi station, company liability, is scheduled for the end of the second half of 2012. Later went on to provide the date of 2013. Access by the Villa-Lobos Park has no prediction. We will continue accompanying.

Meanwhile, the only users that make a good use of this new part of the bike path are cyclists sporting use and those using the bike path to walk, since it still does not exit after the University City station, making it fully who would need to use it to make your shifting faster and secure.

We need to now charge the CPTM for the next make it quick access both to be completed and delivered to the population because they are essential for those who want to use the bike in offsets. And collect the access wtorre’s company has promised to deliver.

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