Meet the Cycle Plan of the Region of Lapa, in Sao Paulo

The day April 26, in Sao Paulo, the ” Regional Council of Environment, Sustainable Development and culture of peace ” of the Subprefecture Lapa (kadesh-Lapa) met in regular meeting to present the population Cycle plan da Lapa, bid at the time was the subprefeita region Francine Soninha.

The active, company that won the bid, presented the methodology, concepts and studies that paved the way to the plan. The proposal, developed for the Sub-Lapa, was forwarded to the Secretariat of Metropolitan Transport (SMT) and traffic engineering company (CET).

According to the Ciclocidade (Association of urban cyclists of Sao Paulo), which followed the meeting, the plan provides for the construction of bicycle paths, lanes and traffic shared with signs – also known as ciclorrota-paraciclos.

Installation and there are 100 km of structure built, divided in three moments:

-the first simplest reforms (38 km of lanes and ciclorrotas), up to 2 years;

-the second, with 27 km, provides small and signalling works, including bike lanes;

-the third, with 35 km and larger works, must take up to 10 years to be completed.

According to the Ciclocidade website: “the Cycle of Lapa Plan provides for the restructuring of the bridges in the region so that they have specific spaces for bicycles. According to the study which served the plan, there is a large flow of cyclists on these handles, which are placed at risk by the lack of a bicycle route, as would be provided by law. The plan also proposes the cycling infrastructure to train and subway stations in the region and takes into account places of greatest interest, as churches, and trade colleges.”

Where’s the project?

Currently (may 2012) the project is being reviewed by SMT and CET. The organs need to approve it or not. This is very important to monitor the population, so that this step doesn’t take too long or forget the project in some drawer the way.

And when I get back from SMT/CET?

After approved and forwarded to the Sub-Lapa, it would be ideal if there was another meeting (similar to that of KADESH/Lapa), so that civil society can meet and assess what has been proposed by transit agencies, if there have been changes and what are the changes?

We need to closely monitor the referrals of this Cycle Plan, before and after to leave the paper, allowing control of society (especially the citizens cyclists) in relation to decisions and what is being done.

This is also a great opportunity to press for all Sub-Prefectures of Sao Paulo do also your plans and/or promoting a plan for the city, cycle integrating studies and interests, not to that this is no longer an isolated project and disconnected from the rest of the municipality.


After pass

From of all approvals, begins to fight for actual execution: your bid, and features all the slowness of our system. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, and all this also depends on the action of civil society not to take more than necessary or be shelved.

The next Mayor of Sao Paulo needs to be aware of the existence of these projects (and all the others that are already in progress) and use them to build your Action Plan-municipal actions during the guiding management.

To meet the Cycle Plan da Lapa, visit this link.

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