Mikael Colville-Andersen in Sao Paulo this Saturday

Disclosure next Saturday July 9, will begin the Week of the cyclist in the city of Sao Paulo. Throughout the week and also in the following, a number of bicycle-related events and mobility in the city. We will try to talk about each of these events.

The first of these occurs this Saturday: the collective Libvee, in partnership with SESC Pinheiros, prepared the Forum Week the cyclist – trends, with the participation of Danish Mikael Colville-Andersen. His visit had already been announced here at go Bike.

Among the numerous activities that performs, Mikael is the author of blogging Copenhagenize and Copenhagen Cycle Chic, references and inspirations are important for cyclists and cicloativistas from all over the world. Filmmaker, writer, photographer and urban design consultant, coined the phrase cycle chic and helped popularize the term copenhagenizacao.

– Cyclist week Trends Forum

Day 9 July (Saturday), at 2:00 pm
SESC Pinheiros Auditorium
Paes Leme Street, 195 – 11
3095-9400 Pine

Free entry: must confirm by e-mail forum@our site

Go to bike: the parking lot of the SESC has bicycle parking facilities. Take your lock.

Warning: the yellow line of the Metro, next to the site, does not work on Saturdays!


Mikael Colville-Andersen, author of Copenhagenize sites and Copenhagen Cycle Chic Eduardo Jorge, Municipal Secretary of Environment and green Willian cross, cicloativista and author of the site Go to Bike Gilberto Natalini, Alderman of the municipality of Sao Paulo John Claudino Junior, President of the Houston

Bikes additional Attraction: Show specially prepared by Tarantulas & Tarantinos, commanded by VJ, musician and Luiz Thunderbird cicloativista.


Below is one of the videos produced by Mikael Colville-Andersen, showing the bicycle culture that already exists in Copenhagen.

More than dreaming, these images encourage us to work to have a city much better from here some time. Join us. Participate in the events, collaborate, publish and covers changes in the Government. A better future depends on all of us.

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Cycle Chic®: 2011-07-03

Cycle Chic®: 2011-07-03

Source: www.copenhagencyclechic.com