Pedal Through The Interior Of Linha Nova

It happened on August 3, 2014 the tour of the interior of Linha Nova, promoted by Ekonova. The idealizers Cristiane and Fabiano Pellenz, managed all structure of the event, offering breakfast with right to the refinement of German cuisine. Different cakes and cucas were tasted and highly appreciated by cyclists.

The subscribers had the structure and support during the tour and could choose between three options. The longest route was 39 km. Of exuberant forest, in the trails was possible to observe some wild animals, such as birds and primates. Obviously we had to be very attentive to see the animals, because the 260 cyclists moved the region well.

Nearby residents, curious, would join the banks of the dirt roads to watch the cyclists pass. The cold weather did not appear, to everyone’s surprise, gave way to a beautiful day of blue sky and heat. Some cyclists commented on the quality of the ride, expressing thanks to the organization, highlighting the great difficulty in the longest stretch, something desired for a great day of pedal. Pedals and hiking organized by Ekonova are becoming traditional in southern Brazil.