Pedaling By The Fluidity Of Life

With a capacity of immeasurable mobilization, the bike de sao paulo brings together every month hundreds of people in the square of the citizenship of the rider, the last happened last friday, day 29/07. the movement generates a lot of controversy, among other reasons, because it has no leaders, organizer or any type of delegate.

Who complain? Praise? Suggesting routes and changes? The best (and only) way to propose any idea on bike is participating in it. Who’s there, in the mass, pedaling and sense the energy can understand perfectly the anarchic revolutionary potential she has.

And even without formal leadership exists, it is impossible not to notice a collective organization, fluid, natural and organic. I witnessed dozens of people who participated for the first time the critical mass doing corking, handing out flowers and smiles to drivers and pedestrians. Magic

Tai one of the beauties of the movement: overflow voluntarily mood, colours and joy – even in the most critical moments: the solutions (the most simple to the most complex) arise from the ability/need to think collectively. As this video proves john l, recorded during the last bike de sao paulo:


Bicicletada chipada from john l.



Feel like more people feel the pleasures provided by bicycle.

This is the fuel that drives the female collective of cyclists – pedalinas – that on the afternoon of last sunday, 31/07, met several voluntari to teach people pedaling. About of 8 beginners left the workshop understand a bit more the famous phrase of albert einstein: “live is like riding a bike: you must be in constant motion to maintain balance.”

Next meeting

And saturday 06/08, all the girls are invited to meet and ride with the pedalinas! The find is unique to women and happens from 2:30 pm in the famous square.

The official tour happens every first saturday of the month, is light, fun, beginners are welcome and encourages – mainly – the urban cycling, as a means of transportation in cities.

In the end, all initiatives in favor of the bike just feed the hope that one day the city of sao paulo to see another type of ” ” fluidity: the fluidity of life.

See more photos:

Bike by alvaro perazzolo and gonzalo

Cuellar. Oficina das


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