“Pimp my Cart” Wants To Humanize The Streets And Enhance Carters Of Sao Paulo

The project “Worldly Pimp my Cart”, designed by artist and activist Thiago Mundane (@our site), was so named to make a reference to the television show “Pimp my Ride”, where the only goal is to spend for detail milhoes old cars.

The idea of the project is to do almost the same thing, only spending a lot less, without media appeal and not claim to turn work to encourage luxury and consumerism. Unlike.


Mundane significantly realized that in addition to the fundamental work for the selective collection, the designer mainly Sao Paulo – – suffer from invisibility with the city and the hostile transit treat people.

If pedestrians and cyclists are invisible in the eyes of the public administration and drivers, guess who need to cross the city carrying a vehicle moved purely to human strength. These citizens carry arms pounds and pounds of what many consider “junk”, but which is the livelihood of many families. They are marginalized and humiliated with working and living conditions inhumane. Even being treated as consumption remains and capitalism, the activity of the Carters is gaining more and more prominence, dignity and respect thanks to actions of civil society.

Mundane ever painted more than 100 wagons throughout Brazil, with colors and catchphrases in order to enhance these people and make them visible in the streets.


The project is on collective catharsis and financing platform has been supported by more than 400 people so far. The idea is to use the money raised to promote a social, sustainable and artistic action with 50 wagons. ” the project can benefit more than just 50 collectors if we can get through this initial goal, just depends on your donation and your commitment to spreading the idea and get more ” supporters, says the video description.

Pimp my Wagon is expected to happen in early June, days before the RIO + 20 Conference and during the turn of Sao Paulo. The location has not yet been set, but it will be a very symbolic day with shows, medical assistance to the Carters, food and cultural activities.

R$ real 38,200 are required until May 10 to promote the event, with a marathon of paintings. In this paper are described the costs of the project. You can make a donation from $15 and also contributing with the necessary materials.

Contribute and share!


“pimpadas”, after the 50 wagons (or more) will come out in March the streets of Sao Paulo, by distributing art and joy for city drivers. “I wonder the carroceata with hundreds of pickers smiling, with a full tank of fuel, health days and with their carts totally pimpadas with safety items and with quality art. But my dream is that the Pimp My Wagon is a milestone that will serve to question and change the indifference of society in relation to the pickers and the fate of countless tons of recyclable materials we waste every day, “says Thiago mundane.


For comments, suggestions and partnerships: pimpmycarroca@gmail.com

See the beautiful speech that the mundane made at tedx about your Recyclable Cities project, context of creation of Pimp my Cart:


The wagons and the streets

Just like we always say here on the Go, the streets are made so that all citizens can move and enjoy them safely democratic. Even if there is some kind of discussion about the Carters ‘ presence in or on sidewalks, we need to bear in mind that they exist and are a FUNDAMENTAL work for us. In addition to this discussion, we need to understand your presence and share the space with them, to continue putting into practice and legitimizing our speech.

Congratulations mundane, for this action that, for sure, will revolutionize the way this town see scavengers and, table, access to the streets. Cyclists also struggle for the humanisation of traffic and of life. Thank you!

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