Porto Seguro Pioneer in Bike Rentals

Porto Seguro pioneer in bike rentals

The initiative to provide bicycles for loan and paraciclos so that cyclists free parking their “speed” was deployed at the beginning of 2008, in São Paulo (SP), and received the name UseBike project. With the accession of several partners (Instituto Vital Stop, Subway, Estapar of Network parking lots) and was released in the context of other projects of the company which also had as its aim to promote cycling as a means of locomotion that promotes sustainable urban mobility.

At that beginning of 2008, the company launched the “Bike help” (now called “Bike”), to expedite service Auto policyholders, in cases where is not required the removal of the vehicle; and the “Bike Survey”, automotive inspection service at home in that professionals use bikes to go to the pre-booked for attendance. That same year, was released still the electric bicycle “Felisa” (which is now the second generation – your Felisa Lithium, which we will discuss later) and, in 2012, we launched the bike “Traffic + nice collapsible”.

Whereas the implementation of all these projects and their results, we can say that Porto Seguro, in your segment, was a pioneer in developing and achieving different profiles initiatives related to the use of the bicycle.

Porto Seguro a company engaged in urban mobility and sustainability.

The company entered in the society as a whole, Porto Seguro has always sought to promote and participate in projects of social and environmental responsibility.

Are examples of this practice:

  • The House Elysian Fields Best, which offers several courses and workshops in the areas of vocational training, income generation, education and citizenship;
  • The initiatives undertaken with the company’s staff, as the “Time on Earth” (in which the lights of the complex Array – at the heart of the Champs Elysées, the central region of São Paulo/SP – and other branches and regional participants remain off-typically, in times of greatest natural luminosity and whenever weather conditions allow – with the goal of drawing attention to the importance of the issues related to the preservation of natural resources) , separate collection and recycling of materials, lectures, among others;
  • Campaigns with customers, brokers, and the general public, such as the collections of cooking oil, batteries and plastic cards; Vehicle inspection lines, which run through several cities of the country throughout the year and during which the drivers – insured or not by the company – can also measure the emission levels of pollutants from their cars; and partnerships that enable the correct disposal of electronic equipment and unused furniture, services linked to safe as portable equipment and Accommodation.

The urban mobility initiatives are also integrated with this broad “range” of socially and environmentally responsible actions. Emerge as the theme becomes increasingly a necessity, considering the intense traffic of large cities. To introduce the use of bicycles in the provision of its services, the company shows that it is possible to make this type of solution in various business niches and contribute to a better transit, “Kinder” (another important movement from the Company: out site) and help preserve the environment.

Porto Seguro creates and leaves legacy in the lease of bicycles

In virtue of the targeting changes in designs, the safe haven ceased to sponsor the UseBike. However, it is important to note that all the infrastructure deployed remains available to the population in Sao Paulo. And above all, is the legacy of promoting and encouraging the use of the bike while sustainable vehicle and to “do well” to urban mobility, which already have a result by other companies that were involved with the topic and provide alternatives.

Safe haven back to folding bicycles and electrical market

The marketing of Felisa Lithium (electric bike) and Transit + nice collapsible meets the proposals, objectives and concepts detailed in previous issues (favoring urban mobility, strengthen the use of the bicycle as a sustainable and less polluting vehicle, etc). We can add the benefits that cycling generates in terms of health, quality of life, social, etc.

In this sense, both bikes meet the needs of cyclists who already have this habit and need of facilitators to keep it: the electric bike, for example, gives a “little help” on climbs and other land of rugged relief; folding bike already has the advantage of being able to be easily transported (weighs 12.5 kilos) and accommodated. Can be carried in the trunk, on the subway, on the bus and can be quardada in small spaces. It is also an incentive for more people to introduce the use of the bicycle in your daily life.

Porto Seguro and your market vision

We believe that the company’s demand to accompany the growth of the market, as a whole. According to Abraciclo, an association that represents the industry, initiatives such as installing more bike paths and bike racks in various cities, loan of bikes, bicycle rides and more, have contributed to the steady Brazil as the third largest producer and the fifth largest market of bicycles in the world. Currently, there are 70 million of units throughout the country and the annual production is approximately 5 million of bikes. In addition, for 50% of the brazilian population, the bike is used as one of the main means of transport, even as the numbers of Abraciclo.

Porto Seguro in fuelling solutions for urban mobility

We know that the “car culture” is something very present and consolidated in our current society. But this does not prevent us to have, at the same time, products, services and benefits to protect the vehicle (through the Porto Seguro Auto, which puts the company on a consolidated leadership position in the insurance for cars) and actions to encourage new forms of urban mobility. The auto insurance customer, for example, are among the services and benefits available to assist bikes, for the driver to operate the company if you need to ride a bicycle or if this break while he’s pedaling.

Cars and bicycles have your value as means of locomotion, each according to its own characteristics and uses. This “peaceful coexistence” between them, including, is promoted by various agents (cyclists, organisations, experts in transport and urban mobility, etc) that are dedicated to stimulate a more frequent use of the bikes.

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