Presentation Of Antonio Calero, Blogger Bike Decathlon

I am passionate about the world of cycling and I consider myself to be a very versatile biker, as the same do an exit road across the sierra, I enjoy the adrenaline rush of the decline with my dual suspension bike.

Still considering me a cyclist around use, is in mountain where I’m most comfortable. In this land I highlight in the most extreme MTB disciplines, as it is the enduro or downhill, since the topography of the Sierra Morena provides a framework of spectacular for such practices, and to no more than 20 minutes from House.

I take cycling as an excellent physical and social activity and although I participate in tests of type bike Marathon and resistance, what I love is actuallydiscover new trails and down by anywhere in Spain, is a unique sensation that can combine sport with know new sites and landscapes.

Along the posts of this blog, both my colleagues and I hope shell you the secrets of cycling, being your guide and fellow in this wonderful world that is the sport of the two wheels.

I hope you enjoy our posts, you serve utility and entertainment and we ask and share all those doubts and proposals of interest to fans of the bike.