Priorities (Reversed) of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is huge and has a number of complex problems to be solved. Its management is not easy, that’s a fact and we all understand. But it’s hard to accept is the clear submission that the city imposes on its citizens pedestrians and cyclists in front of citizens.

Investments, priorities and concerns directly or indirectly benefit the automotive space and often pull out what’s left of space on the streets to honor the interests of one party only.

Recently, for example, the avenida Sao Joao (which passes under the High Costa e Silva) had the sidewalk on the right side reduced to extend via the cars (parked). Like her, many other streets and avenues pass through the same process of enlargement, which clearly have no public transport priority (with increased and more efficient runners), much less the welfare and safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Journalist and bike reporter Felipe Aragonez registered another case of contempt for anyone who needs gaping crosses the Morumbi bridge – one of the few bridges that includes a passage for people.

According to him, “for over two years the catwalk is with three large holes, interrupting the passage of cyclists and pedestrians”. Felipe has already registered a complaint at the site of the Town Hall, but nothing has been done or seems to have forecast. It’s a shame, a disrespect. Revolting.

What does the city is hoping to fix the holes and make life easier for pedestrians? The passage of pedestrians falling, as happened on the bridge of the medication? Someone gets hurt? Born a tree? Or the hole getting so big about to disturb the traffic (and then justify any emergent intervention)?

Even when people who don’t use a car will remain marginalized, invisible and forgotten by the public administration? Pedestrians and cyclists are THERE and should be prioritized in the actions. Default kill.

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