Proof In Urubici Will Be Decisive For The Ranking Of The Season Of The Shimano Brazil Enduro Series

Leaders From The Eight Categories Will Have The Opportunity To Submit The Title Of The National Competition If They Can Repeat Good Results In The Second Stage, Between August 8 And 10, In Santa Catarina

First national Enduro MTB Enduro competition, the Shimano Brasil Enduro Series can see in Urubici, host of the second stage, the definitions of the main favorites to the national title of the eight categories disputed. 170 cyclists are expected, between August 8 and 10, who will pedal through the streets and trails of the city of Santa Catarina in the categories Pro, Expert, Master 1, 2 and 3, Senior, Amateur and Female. While Itaipava received the opening in May, the closure is scheduled for early November, in the State of São Paulo.

Winner in Itaipava in the Senior, the miner Robert Marent (Santinha Bike Bross) faces the leadership in its category in a natural way. “I am first in the Senior, but I see it with a certain tranquility and a certain amount of surprise. Actually, I did not expect it, since it was the first time I participated in an Enduro race. Had received a week before the race and had practically not trained with her, had only been riding in XC Bikes with 26 ‘hoops so far as I fell four times during the race, I thought I had bid farewell to any chance of a podium,”he revealed. Robert.

Despite having the opportunity to isolate himself further in the lead with another victory, Robert ensures that his goal in Urubici is to have fun and make the most of the trip. “I do not think so much about managing, but rather about having a lot of fun, walking in a place that I have never walked and doing the most in the descents, but I will be careful not to make as many mistakes as in Itaipava. Want to see how I was in relation to the Master categories, which gives me a nice parameter,”he said.

Pro-leader Pro, Santa Catarina’s Nataniel Giacomozzi (HUPI Bikes / Santa Cruz) will have the chance to take the lead if he wins in Urubuci. “I want to be the first endurance champion in Brazil,” said Nata, as he is known. Accustomed to the region, Nataniel already gives the hint of what athletes will find in the second stage. “One thing I’m sure will be very cold.I’m already prepared for a hard climb and a very technical descent that will require a lot of the physique.The region has a lot of rock, high mountains and a paradisiacal look.”

In the opening of the circuit, in Itaipava, only seven seconds separated Nataniel from first place, Bernardo Cruz (GT Bicycles / Shimano). This time, pedaling at home, the cyclist dreams of victory. “I am much more prepared than I was in the first stage, the trainings were more intense and I trained a lot of Downhill with the Enduro bike, I think because it is a race in Santa Catarina, it is easier to take the family, But I do not know what to expect, so I’m training a lot to put up with the worst, and I want to make a better result, who knows how to give The change”, clam.

Ranking Score – The Shimano Brasil Enduro Series score follows the standard of the Enduro World Series, the world’s leading competition in the sport. In all categories the score is the same from the first to the sixth place: 1º 600, 2º 500, 3º 420, 4º 360, 5º 300, 6º 260. From then on, there is a variation between Pro with the other categories, which have a score smaller. To check the points offered in all placements, just access the regulation on the official website of Shimano BES: Official Rules

The Shimano Brazil Enduro Series has master sponsorship from Shimano, a world leader in the bike and fishing markets. It also has the sponsorships of Viper, HUPI Bikes and Santa Cruz Bikes, as well as support from Session Brasil, Maxxis / Calypso, Exceed Nutrition, Specialized and Bike & Adventure.

Top Five Of The Shimano BES Ranking:

1-Bernardo Neves Cruz: 600 points
2-Nataniel Giacomozzi: 500
3-Ronny Renke: 420
4-Guilherme Renke: 360
5-Diego Neumann: 300

1-Luiz Felipe Calafiori Viani: 600 points
2-Gustavo Del Carlo Fernandes: 500
3-Luiz Rafael Francisco Da Silva: 420
4-Andres Valpuesta: 360
5-Leonardo Garcia Petry: 300

Master 1:
1-Andre Melo Silva De Matos: 600 points
2-Marcelo Henrique Teixeira: 500
3-Edgar Freire Guimaraes : 420
4-Adriano Andreatta Piantavinha: 360
5-Yuri Bogner: 300

Master 2:
1-Gustavo Henrique Neves De Amorim: 600 points
2-Pedro Luis De Carvalho Machado: 500
3-Mauricio A. Maciel: 420
4-Anderson Gomes Ribeiro De Souza: 360
5-Daniel Magalhaes Meirelles: 300

Master 3:
1-Leonardo Alvez Rocha: 600 points
2-Helio Fontana Nassaralla: 500
3-Juliano Florence De Oliveira: 420
4-Luciano Kdra Lancellotti: 360
5-Caio Bennati Salerno: 300 Seniors

1-Robert Marent: 600 points
2-Jose Alexandre “Pincell” Da Silva: 500
3-Michel Feitosa Pinto: 420
4-Pedro Igor De Lima Rodrigues: 360
5-Markus J. We In-law: 300

1-Henrique Lage Becker: 600 points
2-Christian Ferreira Dos Santos: 500
3-Jonas Michael Ziel: 420
4-Jose Vitor Pereira Lopes: 360
5-Gabriel Mello Da Silva: 300

1-Beatriz Diniz Ferragi: 600 points
2-Barbara Jechow: 500
3-Manuela Vilaseca: 420
4-Daniela Cristina Zammataro: 360
5-Camila Bruno Gischewski: 300


Friday – August 08
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. – Withdrawal of KIT Athlete

Saturday – August 09
09h to 15h – Withdrawal of the Athlete KIT
10h to 16h – Training released for all specials
16h to 18h45 – Sealing of the bikes
19h to 19h30 – Technical Congress

Sunday – August 10
7:15 am – Call to start
07h30 – Departure Displacement 1 (D1)
4:00 pm – General Event Award