Rockrider 520, a MTB for All Audiences

In this entry not I will talk about top range bike, groups of transmission of the glass of the world or forks with stratospheric value… quite the opposite, I will speak of the B’TWIN Rockrider 520, a mountain bike which go unnoticed by its price and that left me astonished after a week in the Reunion Island (paradise of mountain sport) riding On It And Enjoy The MTB.

The Bicycle Of Mountain B’TWIN Rockrider 520

As I have mentioned, I could be in the Reunion Island (France), an enclave where are held very important tests of Enduro and Trail… and runners like Julien Absalon enjoy high level mountain biking.

There I could test a B mark mountain bike’TWIN (where I work), to make the sport more accessible to the cycling user, specifically one BTWIN Rockrider 520…a bike of less than€250! This last it is so wanted to convey a tod@s that many times we cegamos with wanting to have the most valuable or emulate the “greats”, myself on many occasions I have sinned this.

But The Reality Is Different

Uploading to the bike I found a much more rigid than my Rock Shox fork Rebba and less accurate than the Avid Code Rbrakes, but something told me thatthe geometry of the bicycle would ensure the fun in the practice of the MTB.

In a couple of trails I began to find myself comfortable on the bicycle, 27’5 wheel”it helped me to quickly raise and lower with guarantees of control, brakes gradually adapt to the demands of the terrain of Maido (2480 metres of altitude) and I felt as if it is my bike.

Geometry astonished me because it allowed me to link curves and curves without loss of control…until my ambition exceeded my talent up the bike and I went over the handlebars…MTB pure and hard, Señor@s!

Group Sram X 3 is not the GX which I ride my bike but allowed me to change development when really needed it, good performance without being the butt of Sram.

When I was short on the island’s rugged terrain, a purely volcanic field, also found that comfort you were looking for after the fall…the seatpost of 27’2 mm and the exclusive saddle BTWIN Ergofit Evo, wider profile”hamac”, allow the user to distribute pressure points.

I could spend the afternoon talking about Réunion Island as the perfect paradise for MTB, where I could record the new film BTWIN for 2017 and where I could give features that a “super bike” needless and less making a large investment to enjoy mountain biking with your amig@s by the places you want.

Cycling is tod@s and para tod@s, accessibility to the sport is what I like about my job and be able to transmit it from this entry makes me immensely happy.

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to see this entry or ask me whatever you wish!