Sao Paulo Will Soon Have A New Bicycle Path

Faria Lima, in Pinheiros, win a bike path of truth. The announcement was made by Marcelo Bruni, of the Secretariat for coordinating the Sub-prefectures, during the public hearing to review the law of bike lanes, on 21 September. The registration of the Declaration, in audio, can be found on the website of Councilman Chico Macena.

Bruni said that, within the framework of urban operation Faria Lima, will be made in the short term a bike path in the central construction, pine square until the AV. Cidade Jardim, as part of a larger project that will link future Villa Lobos Park to the Ibirapuera Park.

Current Situation

Currently, in good part of this section there is a pavement of red stones, which is confused by many with a bike path, though it is not. This pavement is interrupted at various points, by flower beds, Palm trees, parking areas and many conversion points that endanger the rider.

See this video of JP Amaral, done yet in 2009, as are risky crossings. Needless to say, nothing has changed in addition to the new holes that have emerged over time.


Bike path is more than a red floor

The bike lane there would be quite useful, but needs to be done. It is not enough to expand the usable area and connect the current isolated snippets, demoting the sidewalks: conversion points need to be redesigned. Today, the preference at all of these points is the car that makes the curve at speed and without noticing the approaching cyclist that travels in the central construction, offering risk of trampling.

In fact, one of the main problems of bike lanes in the central construction is just that: conversion points and crossings, the driver doesn’t notice the approaching cyclist, which blends the pedestrians, trees, lamp posts and street furniture. In addition to put the rider at risk by moving automobiles, your flow is hindered by the cars which stop in the middle of the conversion, awaiting entry opportunity or intersection of avenida.

In this situation, has as a result a bicycle trip risky and time-consuming, which causes the fall of cyclists use the bike path to travel the track – fact that happens in bike lane of Avenida Sumare. If there is a good planning accordingly, cyclists just use, because they avoid of course paths where you don’t feel secure or to make the longer trip or longer.

Where is Bike which does not disable the returns, they will have signs indicating the rider’s semaphore when it is safe to cross. The area of continuation of bicycle paths should be painted red on the asphalt, indicating that the priority in that space is bicycles.

This priority must be well marked, as in crossings of the Bikelane, respected by cars even during the week, like you can see on the photo beside. Cars must stop before the bike path, as do (or should do) in a crosswalk. And a specific light helps to create this awareness and this respect.

Signs of soil indicating the cyclist where to get in and out of the bike lane is also important. In the bike lane Green (Radial Leste) Path, there is a small red stripe beside the crosswalks, indicating that the rider can cross the via mounted, at the same time signaling of pedestrians and without jeopardizing.

The picture below (by the way, excellent), is authored by Leonardo Moura, of the blog art as art, and not coincidentally was found in your text about this same central patch. She illustrates well what we have today: a beautiful and pleasant path (excluding if air pollution and noise), but still inappropriate to receive the rider. Note that although the tree be right in the middle of the stretch, extending trafegável to

Now is wait for this project, appears to know how the risk points are worked out. Go to Bike places available to help with your evaluation and tips.

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