Shopping Bourbon: The Saga Continues


Cyclists mobilized last month to complain to the bourbon mall, located on the west side of sao paulo, about the discrimination they suffered while trying to access the dependencies of the mall by the same input than other vehicles. Always sent the rider dismount the bike and in pushing for the passage of pedestrians.

Such an attitude cannot rule out the possibility that the rider prefers entering the parking lot pedaling and if direct to the paraciclos of the usebike. One of the advantages of the bike is the hybrid feature that it offers, that is, at the same time that we’re such vehicle as cars and motorcycles, just put it back to be pedestrians. This happens thanks to lightness, practicality and low danger of this means of transport to other citizens.

Have secure bike parking structure does not necessarily mean that cyclists are being treated well. Many establishments in sao paulo – from bars, restaurants, pizzerias, padocas – despite not having paraciclos, the impeccable way. Attitude that loyalty and attracts more customers. (more on this topic soon. Stand by)

After e-mails, phone calls and complaints registered, go to staff bike received this reply from the mall’s advice:

Bourbon shopping sp informs that has exclusive parking for cyclists, use bike, with 20 slots, with good customer service. To facilitate the access of cyclists to vacancies, the bourbon mall is adopting two entries:

By passing pedestrians, the rider must get off the bike to have access to the parking lot, thus ensuring your safety and that of pedestrians, especially children, the elderly and wheelchair users.

The vehicle, the rider cancels can normally access, driving your bike.

Then the player diego aguiar commented on facebook that the mall security warned that “could go riding without any problem”.

Thinking about it, i was there in person check it out:


As you might understand, there is controversy about what posture to adopt before the cyclist. Result: misinformation, officials confused and disoriented cyclists.

At the exit of the establishment went through a situation even worse, the clerk stopped me to tell me i couldn’t ride there (as if i were joking or walking in a park). I questioned where i could go and he said with conviction: “for access along the pedestrian. But i’m a vehicle it is not! Here to”! As i was almost on the street, i continued my way and didn’t have to return, but i left with the feeling-repeated – not wanting to never go back there. Déjà vu!

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