Shortage Of Public Facilities For Cyclists Speed

After taking a new attitude, more calm, patient and slow “bike”, my travels through the city, I decided to talk now about another more aggressive side, so to speak, turned on the speed and maximum efforts on two wheels. Adrenaline, fun,


In addition to the urban displacements, there are several other forms of cycling. While some prefer longer pedals, audax, cycle trips, trails, stairs and maneuvering, other are adepts of the pedal faster and “performance”. Overcome limits is the passion that drives a lot of people and all possible uses of the bicycle are fully legitimate and equally fascinating.

Say that why I took part recently in a racing mini on roll – instrument made for cyclist pedaling without leaving the place. It’s very cool ride fast. And that kind of experience always makes me reflect on the need to have public facilities available for people to exercise their will to run, jump, Pirouette and vent all make Adrenaline within you. The event was organized by the store Tag and Juice, which is located in Vila Madalena, and met dozens of people who wanted to test its limits.

No wonder, especially on weekends, the lanes of leisure, parks and routes unique to the bicycle are crowded with cyclists in search of training and speed. But because they are places that receive an ever-growing audience of beginners, children and people of all ages, it is difficult to accept and encourage high speeds in these places.


The bike lane that borders on the Marginal Pinheiros River-have few input and output access that your efficiency make it feasible to transport – is currently widely used by the people who practice cycling, pedaling hard, with very high speed averages.

Other options used are the highways, to ride on hard shoulders, even though the Government disregards the presence of cyclists (including residents of nearby towns), closing his eyes and if omitting to ensure our safety (sometimes even banning our presence) in a space where we have legal right to circulate, whether leisure or need.


The University of Sao Paulo receives daily squads of cyclists who use the streets of Campus to train, but because it is an environment of intense circulation of people, time or other cyclists are welcomed with thumbtacks on ground to sabotage the practice. A conflict unnecessary, it shows intolerance and lack of respect from all.

On the other hand, in 1975 it was built on the premises of the university town a velodrome for cycling competitions at the Pan American Games in Sao Paulo – before being transferred to the city of Mexico.

The velodrome is a species of cyclists race track, a closed, with oval course enclosed and without movement of pedestrians. But the University is closed since the late 80. The Administration and the city have abandoned one of the public facilities more efficient to give vent to the most aggressive cycling ” “.

In Brazil, there are currently few available velodromes, Caieiras, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro/RJ and Curitiba/PR, but, according to reports from users, among these three only of the river is well made, well maintained, well attended and an example of quality investment in cycling.

Second a matter of Folha de Sao Paulo, published in August 2011, the Director of the “Cepeusp (Sports Center of the University of Sao Paulo), Carlos Bezerra de Albuquerque, says he is open to that cyclists make proposals for the use of space. That way, you could try the sports Ministry funds or with the private sector. As the University’s own funds for retirement, the Director claims that the institution didn’t put the velodrome as a priority, but that there is already a master plan with project for reform of the space”.

Read more: and the USP



The Caieiras is 40 km from Sao Paulo and I know a lot of people who go there to release brakes and riding very strong. The supporters of fixed gears – fixed wheel bicycles simplistic and without gear so used in speed competitions in other countries, which won the streets of cities thanks to your low-maintenance, beauty and complete connection with the body. To understand better the functioning of such bikes.

See this video of André Candlelightdistro as the gang of the cycling club Cycle Village has fun riding in Caieiras velodrome. I’ve tried and recommend, is a transcendent experience and unforgettable!


The Autodromo Jose Carlos pace in Sao Paulo, will undergo structural reform with delivery forecast in 2013. And the news is being planned a bike path that right around the whole area, and have even access to the Reservoir Guarapiranga.

Second report of Folha de Sao Paulo, the complete project for the account, yet, with parkland, skate park, and a Museum of the automobile (and why not also a Museum of cycling?)

If completed, this bike path will be another great option for cyclists who like to train hard, professionally or not. Including the Pinheiros River Bike Trail gets close to the race track, you can hear the noise from engines ripping the silence and drowning out the sound of the birds left near the river.

Cycling is also sport!

Cyclists also have fun, race, racing, have idols and move a consistent market. A shame that Brazil did not give value to sports less coveted, especially when they have a revolutionary potential to transform our cities. And until people.

Meanwhile, we were arguing in front of the TV monotematicamente the goals of Neymar, watching firsthand the violence of organized supporters and being accomplices to obscure transactions and $1 billion for all round the world.

Is more or less what we do to assume that every Brazilian is passionate about car: we limit the choices, disrespect people.

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