Site Of Epoca Magazine Publishes Text Encouraging Hatred Of Cyclists

“All that remains if the streets blowing up of truth. Don’t miss” – says the columnist, using a rather fanciful episode to justify widespread hatred who rides a bike

Apparently, the columnist decided to walk the bike path to a park on a busy weekend, while writing on his cell phone. Supposedly, was knocked down by a speeding cyclist. From there, the fantasy that the cyclist wanted to fine him, in a text that gets lost in the generalization of a biased stereotype.

In one of the few moments of lucidity, the columnist – who refuse to cite the name to not give Ibope – says “cyclists militants yearn for security in the city with the highest number of vehicles from South America”, forgetting that vehicle is a term that is not limited to cars. In the world you live, the excess rent is not a problem, but the rationale for that other vehicles don’t use the streets.

In your text, put in the same bag who threatens with bike and pedestrian who demands her rights, confuses sporting ride with bicycle groups, believes that all who use cycling clothes (and only these) are cicloativistas and still says that the city would be better off without these “hundreds Dangerous vehicle”.

Looks like the Time Magazine also has your your Reinaldo Azevedo, Barbara Gancia. Shadows of a century gone, unable to comprehend the dead end of the automobile-centered mobility or to accept irreversible changes already underway in the city.

To close the joke with a golden key, the author of the text is responsible for a section called “open mind”. Better to change the name of the

If you still want to read the text, it is here. But I recommend not to do it, that you don’t have the right to ruin your day.

Was it?

Very strange

The sentences that he attributes to a cyclist, he would have hit in a park and said it could fine him for that. One possibility is that he have reported distorted form a different event to justify your attitude, your prejudice and coat your reason hate speech.

Imagine that instead of being absentmindedly walk in a park, the columnist has been trying to cut with your car through a sporting group of cyclists, putting everyone at risk. It would bring some sense to the speech given to the cyclist, I have discussed with the careless driver arguing that the attitude that he had now yields fine.

After reading the text for the first time, review wondering that the situation occurred in the street, involving a group of cycling at night, and the columnist was inside your car. The text goes on to make sense. Especially when he speaks in packs and says that all are uniformed. Elementary, my dear Wadia.

The site of the season has been a lot better, when the blog on the Bike was still updated.