The good Fruits of the C40 for Bicycles

The C40 Sao Paulo Summit, meeting of representatives from the 40 largest cities in the world to discuss public policy, promises to yield good fruits for cyclists. And, consequently, of the whole Brazil.

With foreign mayors at the Conference showing how cycling is encouraged and supported in their cities and with some of them riding on our streets, the bike ended up being one of the most discussed themes in the press.

A result or not, the fact is that the Mayor Gilberto Kassab and mainly the transport Secretary and President of CET, Marcelo Branco, made statements in demonstrating a new vision of the bicycle, in addition to the interest in transforming Sao Paulo (away, slowly, slowly, carefully) in a city more cyclist friendly.

Statements of Sandra Barrera and your vision of cycling surprised me and show a huge evolution in relation to your predecessor, who went on to say that measures to enhance the safety of people on the streets were not implemented to not decrease the fluidity.

We will comment on these declarations and intentions here within the next few days. I’m getting more optimistic with the CET-SP.

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